We draw a desk lamp in Photoshop

In this lesson I will tell you how to create a floor lamp from scratch.

Step 1. To get started, create a new document, sized 390? 280 pixels, with resolution 72 pixels, in color model Rgb.

Step 2. Create a new layer and use the tool PenTool (Pen) draw the shape as shown. When you have closed the contour, right-click inside the drawn shape, and select the command: Makeselection (Form a selected area).

Step 3. In the dialog box of the selected area, set the value of the radius0 pix, and click OK. The selection will be as shown in the figure.

Step 4. Fill the selection with color, with the indicator #bae6ed, and then activate the tool BurnTool (Dimmer) with the following settings:

Step 5. Now, with the tool BurnTool (Dimmer), with the parameters set, slightly dim the right side of our future floor lamp.

Step 6. Next, activate the tool. Dodge tool (Clarifier) with the following settings:

Step 7. With the tool Dodge tool (Clarifier), Visually bring to the fore the left side of the future floor lamp.

Step 8. Now we begin to decorate our floor lamp. Create a new layer and draw a small selection as a circle using the tool. EllipticalMarqueeTool (Oval selection area). To make the selection round and proportional, hold down the key while drawing. <Shift>.

Step 9. Now create a circular selection fill with color, with the indicator:
# 9ff0a7. After that, you need to apply Perspective to the drawn circle. To do this, press the key combination <Ctrl+T> and in the list that opens, select the command that best suits you: either a perspective or a distortion. After you have created the necessary distortion, press the key to complete the transformation.

Step 10. On the created oval, create a slight darkening using the tool. BurnTool (Dimmer).

Step 11. Now, create another oval and distort it. Fill it with a dark lilac color.

Step 12. In the same way, create a third oval shape.

Step 13. Create a new layer using the tool. PenTool (Pen), and draw a figure in the form of a small flower.

Step 14. Make a selection from the contour, fill it with color at your discretion, in the menu LayerStyle (Layer styles) select team DropShadow (Shadow). Use the settings for the shadow, as shown:

Step 15. After all the actions performed, your image will be similar to what you see in the picture. On the flower, in the center, draw a small circular selection area.

Step 16. Create a new layer, fill the selection in the center of the flower with any color and give it a little shadow. Settings for the shadow in the picture:

Step 17. Create a new layer again, and create a small oval selection that you will place on the bottom of the flower.

Step 18. Fill the created selection with a color # 7fcfeightband with the tool Burn tool (Dimmer) draw a light shadow on the right side of the oval.

Step 19. Create a duplicate layer with the oval just drawn, and place it under the first oval.

Step 20. Create in the same way a few more oval shapes with shading (oval shapes can be of different colors).

Step 21 Activate the tool DodgeTool (Clarifier), and lighten up some fragments of oval shapes.

Step 22 Create a new layer, again draw an oval selection on it with the tool EllipticalMarqueeTool (Oval selection area). This selection will be a small stand.

Step 23 Fill the selection with color, with the indicator # ffouraa92, duplicate it, and place a layer with a duplicate under the main layer of the stand:

Step 24 Activate the first layer with the stand, enter the menu LayerStyle (Layer styles), and select a function GradientOverlay (Gradient overlay) with the presented settings:

Step 25. Now your image has become similar to what is shown in the picture. Now create additional shapes for the floor lamp with the tool PenTool (Pen).

Step 26. Create a new layer; the figure drawn on it fill in the color with the indicator # 7dd78a. Darken the shape arbitrarily.

Step 27. Now draw a shape on the new layer using the tool CustomshapeTool (Arbitrary shape) in the contour mode, click the right mouse button inside the created shape and select the command Makeselection (To form a selected area).

Step 28. In the education mode of the selected area, select featherRadius(Radius feathering) -0pix., then click Ok. Now your drawing looks like this image:

Step 29. Now create the selection area with color, with the indicator #cf241b and create a bit of blackout. Next, create a new layer, and place it below all layers, fill it with any color.

Step 30. That’s all! Now let’s see what we did:

I wish you success!

Transfer: Lugovskikh Tatiana
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