We draw a disk for a car

Step 1. Create a new document sized 500px to 400px with a resolution of 72 dpi in RGB mode.

Step 2. Create a selection with the tool Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval selection), fill the area with the color # c9cdd6.

Step 3. Create another selection inside the first circle and press Delete.

Step 4. Create another selection. Choose a tool
Burn tool (Dimmer) and darken the area as shown below.

Step 5. Choose a tool Dodge tool (Clarifier) ​​with the settings below.

Dynamics of the form:

Step 6. Tool Ellipse tool (Ellipse) create an outline as shown below. Right click, select Stroke path (Outline stroke) and in the window that appears select Dodge (Clarifier), click OK.

Step 7. You will have the following:

Step 8. Choose a tool Pen tool (Pen) and create the shape shown below. Right click and select Make selection (Create Selected Area). Create a new layer and fill the selection with the color # b5b9c2.

Step 9. Navigate Select>Modify>Contract Selection (Selection – Modification – Compress) and set the following parameter.

Step 10. Choose a tool Clarifier, invert (Ctrl + Shift + I) and lighten the areas shown below.

Step 11. Now do the inversion again and lighten up, as shown below:

Step 12. Create a selection and apply feathering. Select> Feather Selection (Selection – Feather) as in the figure below.

Step 13. Choose a tool Dimmer , invert (Ctrl + Shift + I) and darken the areas shown below.

Step 14. Apply the following settings to the instrument. Clarifier .

Step 15. Create a contour with the tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) as shown in the image below. RMB select Contour Stroke.

Step 16. See the result below.

Step 17. Create a new shape with the tool Oval selection , fill the layer with # babec9.

Step 18. Create a selection as shown below and click Delete.

Step 19. Click Ctrl + click on thumbnail the current layer to load the selection. Navigate Selection – Modification – Compress and set the next parameter.

Step 20. Choose a tool Dimmer , apply inversion and darken as shown in the image below:

Step 21 Create a small selection tool. Oval selection on a new layer and fill the selection with color # 575d69.

Step 22 Move the selection to the right and up using the arrows on the keyboard. Then make an inversion and lighten the small area as shown below.

Step 23 Make a copy of this circle and place it as shown below.

Step 24 Create another selection inside and fill it with black color.

Step 25. For this shape, apply the following styles.

Embossing / Bevel:


Overlapping colors:


Step 26. Duplicate several times and place as shown below.

Step 27. Download the Suzuki logo and place it inside the circle.

Step 28. Here is our final image.

Transfer: Gavrysh Ekaterina.
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