We draw a funny fungus in Photoshop

Sometimes you want to do something funny, fun …
I suggest, somehow at my leisure, to draw such a funny fungus!

Where do we start?
From creating a new document. I planned to use this picture as a photo wallpaper, so I opened the document 1024x768pix. The background is black.

Next, with the tool Rounded Rectangle Tool (Rectangle with rounded edges) draw, approximately in the center (then position as you like), a figure with rounded edges (I set a radius of rounding 30pix). Colour #f7efde.
And add the roundness of the figure below (tool Direct Selection Tool / Arrow).

Then I began to draw a blade of grass.
Rectangle green turn into a future sheet, with veins.

This can be done in different ways.
Using the tools Dimmer (Burn Tool) and / or clarifier (Dodge Tool) – one.
Or using another method known to our site readers: create a new layer, add noise using a filter Noise, blur filter Motion Blur and change the blending mode (I usedLuminosity and lowered the opacity-Opacity), layers combined – 2.

Now we will give a simple rectangle the shape of a blade of grass – Transformation-Deformation (TransformWarp).

Create a volume of grass – add light and shadows.

Here I used brushes of dark green color, with a slight blur of strokes (Gaussian Blur) and change the opacity (Opacity) layers. Overlay mode Multiply – multiplication. And a little clarifier (Dodge Tool).
Now go to the creation of the background.
We draw here such grass …

… and fill free space with grass (Transformation –Transform …).

Combine the blades of grass in two layers and create two plans – more blurred – behind and less blurred (Gaussian Blur – different blur radius).
If you wish, you can work with the levels (Levels) to adjust the brightness and contrast.
Towards the end of the work, the position of the grass of the background can be changed if the need arises.

We copy a large blade of grass in the foreground, rotate it, this is what happened with us at this stage:

Moving on to drawing the fungus itself.

For a start, a mug – creating a form using Pen Tool, add fill or stroke (RMB).

Now we draw a hat.

I used the tool again Pen Tool. By the way, the contours can be saved – the Contours panel (Paths), double click on the desired contour (all of a sudden the right shape will not work out the first time).
The excess part of the red cap can be hidden with the help of a layer mask, in order to correct it if necessary.

Circles on a hat:

First we draw white circles on a separate layer, then we deform (Transform-Warp) this layer under the shape of the cap of the mushroom and remove excess (PCM – Create Clipping mask or in any other way).
We proceed to the creation of volume.


The colors that I used are visible in the screenshot. Drawn on different layers, washed away brush strokes (filter Gaussian Blur), reduced layer opacity (Opacity), overlay mode Multiply – multiplication.

Glare on the eyes I wanted to add.
Now, the “underhead” …)))

The creation algorithm is the same.
Light and shadows are best drawn on different layers.

The hat itself …

That’s what happens (I made a copy of a blade of grass and placed it behind the mushroom).

Now you need to draw the shadow.

Shadows from the lower blades of grass draw on a separate layer (PCM – Create Clipping mask – clipping mask to layer the mushroom stem to remove all unnecessary) and blur a little (filter Gaussian Blur). Overlay mode Multiply – multiplication.

Shadow from the top blade of grass: create a selection of a blade of grass (click on the layer icon + Ctrl), fill it with a dark green color on a new layer, blur a little (filter Gaussian Blur). Turn the shadow.

Remove excess (either a layer mask or a clipping mask), overlay mode Multiply – multiplication, layer opacity (Opacity) 75%
Now we will make the shadow less transparent at the edges of the cap, it is also round.
This can be done with an eraser. (Eraser Tool) with low opacity. I did it with a quick mask.

Go to quick mask mode (Edit in Quick mask mode,Q), select the Gradient tool (Gradient Tool). To create a mask, we need a gradient Reflected Gradient (Selection on the toolbar properties tool). Go to the standard mode (the same button), invert the selection and click Delete.
Under the shadow was a highlight – I removed it.

And the edge of the mushroom legs was slightly shaded using a layer mask and a brush.
You can add more grass around the mushroom.

Wishing you all the best,

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