We draw a kitten in Photoshop

This lesson describes the process of creating a realistic fluffy kitten.
This lesson is aimed at those who are just starting to learn how to draw in Photoshop, so you need to have some patience to complete it.
In the end, you should get a cute, fluffy kitten!

Final result:

Step 1. Create a new document, preferably 900×800 pixels.
Draw a sketch of the animal. When creating an outline, you can use this photo.

Step 2. Create a new group and call it “Foundation”
Create a new layer and fill it with the desired color: this is the main coat color.

Step 3. Copy this layer and name it “noise”.
Go to filter => noise => add noise.
Amount: 12-14%
Distribution: Uniform
Check the box next to “Monochrome”

Step 4. Duplicate the “noise” layer.
Choose the tool “Finger.
Select a brush with the name “Splash.”
Size: 40-60 pixels (depends on the size of your canvas).
Mode: Normal.
Pressure: 70%.
And make strokes in the direction of growth of fur, as shown in the figure.

Step 5. Now use the dimmer tools and “clarifier” with the following brush settings:
Clarifier (blue lines in the figure): 40 pixels, mid-tones, 10% exposure
Dimmer (red lines in the figure): 45 pixels, mid-tones, exposure 6%

Step 6. Create a new group and name it “fur”
Create a new layer and name it “A”
The author turned off the visibility of the group “Basis”, so that he could see what he was doing.
Make some brush strokes a dark brown shade. Do not forget about the direction of growth of fur. Use at least 2-3 dark brown shades.

Step 7. Create a new layer and name it “B”
Do the same job as in the previous step, but with lighter shades. Make a few strokes. Play with transparency, pressure and brush size (3-5px).

Step 8. With the visibility of the Basis group turned on, the image looks like this:

Step 9. Create a new group and name it “nose.”
Create a new layer and name it “C”
Set the base color to white and paint, like in the picture.
Use the spray brush to smudge the fur, as shown.

Step 10. Create a new layer and name it “D”.
Draw the basic shape of the nose, for example, as shown.
Make it bigger with tools Lightening and Blackout, add noise make a stroke brush Splatter, pre-setting some transparency and pressure, draw the bottom of the nose.

Step 11. Create a new group and name it “ears”
Move this group in the layers palette between the base and fur groups.
Create a new layer “E”.
Several shades of pink are used for the ears.

Step 12. Duplicate the layer with the right ear and flip horizontally, then drag to the left ear.

Step 13. Create a new group and name it “eyes.”
Create a new layer and name it “F”.
Highlight the eyes (for example, tool lasso, using a small shading) and apply a radial gradient to the selected area, as shown in the figure.

Step 14. Use “Clarifier. The size of the brush is 40 pixels and the exposure is 16%.

Step 15. Make thin lines, as shown in the figure, using brushes (size 2 pixels, pressure 30). Also draw a pupil, for example, using an oval selection.

Step 16. Use the tool “Finger for a little feathering of drawn lines. Also add a highlight to the eye using a small brush.

Step 17. Create a new group and name it “mouth”. Draw light pink spots and paint on them with a brush where they grow a mustache.

Step 18. Add some shadows.
Paint the remaining parts of the mouth and mustache with a brush.
To finish the corners of the mouth, you can use, for example, the tool Finger, putting a tick in front of “draw a finger”

Step 19. Draw a mustache and a beard using “Eraser with low opacity.
You can use other tools as desired.

Step 20. If you have patience, you can color the whole face by copying a patch of fur from your forehead. Complete the remaining parts of the cat in this way.

Step 21. The kitten looks very careless.
1) Remove the edges after copying and spread them using the “Finger“(Brush” spray “)
2) Play with the flowers of the right ear and constantly compare it with the left to see the changes.
3) Add individual fur strokes.

Final result:

Author: ushurani
Translator: Getmanenko Gleb.
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