We draw a mirror in Photoshop

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Question: How is this done? – It does not leave me when I see interesting work in the internet, and not only there … And the process immediately begins … I want to sit at the computer and create …))))

In this lesson we will try to draw a mirror like this.
It is done simply, but it turns out beautifully – it may be useful to someone …

Create a new document …

… and fill in the New or Background layer with 50% gray (Edit-Fill …Edit-Fill …).
Then, above – on the New layer we create Rectangle selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool) with shading (Feather) about 45pix.
And fill #bebebe gray.

With the tool Ellipse (Elipse Tool) or Oval Isolation (Eliptical Marquee Tool) draw an oval of any color.

Now we are starting to turn a simple oval into a mirror!
Apply to the layer with the oval (if the oval is drawn using the form, it is better to rasterize the layer – PCM-rasterize the layerRasterize layera) Layer styles (Layer-Layer Style):

And again, above – on the New layer we create an oval, but smaller, color # d0d0d0.
Add a layer to this style. Stroke (Stroke), as was done earlier.

So we did facet mirrors.
In the mirrors, something usually reflects … Surprisingly )))))
Add a reflection window.

Using the tool Rectangle selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool), draw a white rectangle on the New layer.
And then, using the same tool, we cut out unnecessary parts (use Allocation – Allocation Transformation – Select-Transform Selection).

The shape of the window, you can choose yourself.
Apply Gaussian Blur Filter (Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur) radius 15pix. And set Opacity (Opacitya) layer 85%.

Slightly distort the window using Transformation Distortions (Edit-Transform-Distort).
Copy the layer with the window. Remove the visibility of the copy.
And now remove the excess parts around the mirror.
To do this, go to the layer with a small oval, create a selection of this layer (Ctrl+click on the layer icon), invert the selection (Shift +Ctrl +I) and on the layer with the window click Delete-Delete.
That’s what happens.

Now, on the New layer, located below the mirror, create an oval selection (Eliptical Marquee Tool) with shading (Feather) tenpix. Call it Light spot.
And fill #bababa.
We put Opacity (Opacitya) layer 80%.

Make a visible copy of the layer with a distorted window and reflect vertically Edit-Transform-Flip Vertically (Edit-Transform-Flip Vertical).
We join the reflection of the window on the mirror and on the surface. This layer will be called Light spot 1.

Create a layer selection Light spot (being on a layer Ctrl+click on the layer icon), invert the selection and delete the extra details of the layer Light spot 1.
Opacity (Opacity) for this layer we do thirty%.

And again using the oval selection tool (Eliptical Marquee Tool), draw as shown in the screenshot with feathering 45pix:

Invert the selection (Shift +Ctrl +I).
AND Eraser (Eraser Tool) with Opacity (Opacity) 50% soft brush a little rub off on the layers Light spot and Light spot 1.

Now add a shadow.
We get up on a layer with a large oval and create a selection of this layer (Ctrl+click on the layer icon).
Go to the state of the Quick Mask (Edit in Quick Mask Mode) and apply Gaussian Blur Filter (Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur) radius tenpix. Exit the fast mask state (Edit in Standart Mode).
Below (under the mirror) create a new layer and fill the selection with color # 666666.
Slightly reduce the shadow vertically and shift to the side.

With the mirror itself, we are done.
But I want to add something … probably heard about the decoration of mirrors with pieces of baked glass? Fusing is called. So, this is what we draw. Next …)))
With the tool Pen (Pen Tool) we draw a leaf (it is better to save the contour to draw only once – double click on the contour).

And on the New layer (above the mirror) we draw a simple ornament.
With the selected tool – Direct Selection Tool and the active contour, while on the new layer, click RMB and select Fill – Fill …).

It does not look like glass yet …))))
Therefore, for greater plausibility, we apply Filter Texture (Filter-Texture-Texturizer):

And slightly weaken the effect of applying the filter: Edit-Loosen Texture – Edit – Fade – Texturizer (decrease the percentage).This step is done immediately after applying the filter!
It would not hurt to show the volume of glass (add Layer Styles):

AND Opacity (Opacitya) reduce layer to about 90%.
Here you go! Work is done! Evaluate the result!
You can slightly muffle the white stroke in the dark parts of the mirror.

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