We draw a portrait in Photoshop

Step 1. The first step, of course, is to find the source photo. I can look at the pictures of Angelina Jolie all day, so I will use her photo. Is always. Such is my obsession.

Step 2. I created a layer with black thin outlines with the tool PolygonalLasso (Polygonal lasso) (note. After you make a selection with this tool, right-click, select Stroke (Stroke) and set the contour). I painted over the areas within the contour lines with primary colors, a separate layer was created for each color.

Step 3. Some more color details have been added here. And again, each color is located on a separate layer.

Step 4. A bit of vector colorization. Brightly lit and darkened areas are painted by highlighting them with a tool. PolygonalLasso (Polygonal lasso) and paint different shades.

Step 5. Plots mixed with each other by instrument Blur (Blur) and some brushes set in mode Screen (Lightening) and Multiply(Multiplication) with different levels opacity (opacity). Only different shades of the same color were used.

Step 6. Pay more attention to individual vector lines to achieve greater uniformity. While drawing, pay attention to what you draw within the selected area, i.e. You should not paint over the outline.

Step 7. Added lip parts, again with a tool PolygonalLasso (Polygonal lasso). I returned several times to the original photo in order to correctly place the light and shadow.

Step 8. Individual lines on the lips were blurred, and some depth was created with a brush in the mode screen (clarification) and multiply (multiplication). The upper and lower lips were painted separately, by pre-highlighting each.

Step 9. Adding extra color to the eyebrows and eyes with a tool Brush (Brush) in mode Screen (clarification) and Multiply (multiplication) from bright blue to black, gives them a certain depth, and I also walked over the eye in a bright pink color.

Step 10. Smaller details have been added to the eye area with a small smudging “Lubrication” eyelashes, as well as from them was added a small reflection. Eyebrows are clarified by blending with nearby color.

Step 11. Eyebrows finished with a thin brush of various colors, slightly mixed with each other (approx. Tool smudge (smearing)). I duplicated the eyebrow layer and applied it to the top layer blendingoption (blending modes) so that both layers are visible with eyebrows. So eyebrows look thicker. The very first layer with black outlines was painted over to blend the outlines with adjacent areas, but not completely.

In conclusion, hair was created using lines of different shades of brown and blond, then mixed together with the help of a tool. blur (blur) and tough brush tool smudge (smearing).

Because the different details of Angelina’s portrait are arranged on separate layers, colors and levels can be applied to them independently. Play with them until you reach a natural shade. Complete the work by merging the layers and lightly blurring the highlighted areas.

Is done. Of course, you can spend more time on it if you want to refine the details, relying on the original photo and at your discretion. I hope this lesson was useful to you.

Author: Pinkperfect
Transfer: Antsyperovich Alexandra
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