We draw a realistic pen

A pen is a complex object and you can draw it yourself.
is difficult. This lesson will tell you in detail about all the details of drawing a simple pen.
Well, let’s start!

Open a new document – the size and color of the background is not important, but on a black background the light pen will look more impressive.

Now, the first thing you have to do is grab the tool. Pen(Pen) and draw a shape similar to what you see in the image below.

Fill the shape with color # A8A48F and name “shaft”.
Now we need to give the pen 3d effect.

Create a new layer. Take a soft brush a small diameter of white or another light color and draw in the middle of the figure you drew.

Select Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) and smear it a little.
Holding the key CTRL click on the layer thumbnail to get the selection.

Take the tool Burn tool(Dimmer) and slightly darken around the edges. This is an important detail in drawing a pen, so here
need to try. Compare the result.

In the next step, add realism. Create a new layer. Choose a soft brush with color # 5E4F27. Decrease Opacity the opacity of the layer, and the blending mode change to Soft light (Soft light).
Create another layer, choose a light blue color. Brush along the entire length of the figure put randomly spots. Round brush is not suitable for this, so choose some asymmetrical one.
Rename this layer to “blue spots“and change the blending mode to Color.

Again create a new layer and using the same brush only white color again put the same spots, especially on the widest part. Reduce the opacity to 66%, and put the overlay mode on Screen (Lightening). Rename the layer to “ivory spots“.

As you noticed, some spots are almost invisible, but this only gives a greater realism to the pen.

Now we will draw a down on our feather. Create a new layer and place below the layer “shaft“. Take the tool Brush tool (Brush) with a small diameter, for example, 5 pixels. In the panel with the settings of the brush expose such parameters.

Brush color # E0DECD draw a fluff, as in the image below. Layer name “little feathers“.
On a new layer with a brush diameter 5 pixels and color # 837B65 create a shadow on the feather. Apply Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur
(Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) with low parameters 1.7 – 2 pixels. Reduce the layer opacity to 85% and change the blending mode to Multiplay (Multiplication).

On two layers (left side on one, right on the other), draw the rest, most of the feathers with the tool Pen Tool (Pen). Colour #E1DDCD. Name layers “left side“and”right side“.

Tool Smudge tool(Finger) with a diameter – 3pix. and
intensity – 20, lightly smear around the edges.

Next we do the same actions as with the layer “little feathers“. On the new layer tool Lasso Tool(Lasso) select the region as shown.

Choose a color # 99947F. Filter – Noise – Add noise (Filter – Noise – Add noise), specify in the parameters Gaussian, Monochromatic
(According to Gauss, Monochrome), the number is 100.

Now choose Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion) and set the offset 35, set the angle depending on the direction of the feathers (in this example, the angle -48).
Opacity expose on 50, overlay mode Darken (Darker).
Now work tool Smudge tool(Finger) and Erase tool (Eraser).

Everything! Hope you got the same great pen!

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