We draw a realistic portrait

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a realistic portrait from a photo. This material is designed for users who know the basics of Photoshop, who have at least minimal knowledge of tools and commands. The lesson is quite complicated and requires perseverance and patience. Do not be discouraged if you have failed the first time, exercise again and again, only this way you can achieve something. That’s what we should do.

1. Open the photo. Create a new layer by pressing SHIFT + CTRL + N. Start by creating basic shapes, colors are best taken with Pipette(Eyedropper) from the original image. Each element needs to be done on a new layer. That is, clothing, face, neck, everything should be on different layers.

2. Navigate to the tool Clarifier / Dimmer , Press the O key. Select a brush with soft edges and gradually add volume to the future face. Check with the photo to see where you need to add a shadow, and where to lighten. If the light falls on the side, then one half of the face will be lighter, the other darker. Mark the shadows in the eyes, nose, cheeks and neck. To move between the dimming and dimming tools, use the SHIFT + O key combination, or press and hold the ALT key. You should have something like this:

3. Now go to the drawing details. Start drawing your mouth. Create a new layer and name it “mouth”. Be sure to give the layers names, otherwise in the process of work you will inevitably get confused. The best way to choose a lip color is to take Pipette (Eyedropper) skin color area, then make it more red. Or you can take the color from the original.

Draw an approximate shape of the mouth. It is better to use a soft-edged brush to leave a smooth transition from lips to skin. Now light gray color on the new layer will draw a prototype of the future teeth. Then go to the tool Clarifier / Dimmer and with a small brush, gradually draw light and shadows on the lips, teeth and around the mouth. It is important to make sure that you draw the shadow between the teeth, under the upper lip, at the bottom of the teeth. Do not set a large brush opacity, it is better to use a value of about 10%. In the picture you can see the stages of work, and what should happen in the end.

4. Go to drawing eyes. Also start by creating common shapes on a separate layer. Do not use pure white color, otherwise the white of the eye will look unnatural. It is best to take light gray. Pay attention to the size of the eyes. Do not make them too small or large.

Next, create a new layer and name it “iris”. Draw the shape of the iris. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the following: we almost never see the complete circumference of the iris, except if the person deliberately goggles his eyes. Usually only the middle part is visible, the upper and lower parts are hidden under the eyelids. But in this case the face is slightly lowered and the gaze is directed upwards, therefore we see the lower part.
Then you need to draw the pupils. It is best to do this on a separate layer. Now using tools Clarifier / Dimmer and a small white brush, let’s make the eyes more realistic and alive: darken and brighten certain areas of the protein and iris, and with a small white brush we will give the eyes shine.

5. Create a new layer and name it “eyelashes”. First make a stroke around the eyes in a dark brown color. Black is better not to use. If you do not need to paint makeup on the eyelids, then it is better to use the tool Clarifier / Dimmer. Paint the eyelashes with a small black brush with soft edges.

Final touches: add light and shade to protein to give volume, slightly darken the area around the eyes. And an important detail: the inner corner of the eye, where the lacrimal duct begins. Draw it in pink, then add volume.

6. Create a new layer and name it “nose”. First, we also draw an approximate form, then we specify the details. Note that if the face is turned, the wings of the nose will have a different shape. Using the tool Clarifier / Dimmer, create light and shadow to add volume.

7. Now draw the ears. First, we denote the main lights and shadows. Note that the ear shines a little. In order to depict this, create a new layer and a color that can be called orange, draw basic shapes. Then using Clarifier / Dimmer, As in the preceding paragraphs, accentuate the effects of lighting and work through the details.

8. We now turn again to the general appearance of the face. Using Clarifier / Dimmer, changing the opacity and size of the brush, do the following: slightly darken the area around the eyes, emphasize more light and shadows on the cheeks and cheekbones, mark the folds from the wings of the nose to the corners of the mouth, create a dimple under the nose on the upper lip. Constantly check with the photo.

9. Make a necklace around your neck. First, with a stiff white round brush we will draw several circles on a new layer. This will be the basis. Now draw the sectors with different colors, as shown in the picture. At the top of the stones, a shade of blue is used to imitate the reflection of the sky. To give volume again use Clarifier / Dimmer. On the new layer, draw the frames for the stones in golden color. Similarly, add volume. Finally, draw a necklace strap in gray and add volume.

10. Now turn to drawing details on the neck, shoulders and chest. Start with the shadows that blouse creates. Using a soft brush, paint the shadows on a new layer. Pay attention to which direction the light falls.

11. Now you need to draw light and shadows on the neck and shoulders. In addition to some drawing skills, you may have to remember something from anatomy, in particular the structure of the skeleton.

12. Draw a girl eyebrows. To make it easier, you can Quick masks (Quick mask) (I remind you that it is turned on and off with the Q key) to create areas of the desired shape, then, switching to normal mode, paint out selected areas with a small brush with oblique strokes. Then use a soft eraser with a slight opacity to soften clear edges.

13. Using Clarifier / Dimmer, draw light and shade on the blouse. Key areas: chest area, armpits. Then create the folds on the blouse. An important detail – the seam on the edge of the neckline.

14. Create a background. Since it is very blurred, do not care much about the accuracy of the image, it is enough to make a few strokes to lighten and darken in several places to create the illusion of depth.

15. Now create a new layer and name it “hair”. The site contains enough lessons drawing hair, so we will not elaborate on this step.

16. Draw the earrings. First, draw a handle with a small brush. Then copy the stone from the necklace and with the help of the transformation we will give the desired shape. Then do the same with the rim. In conclusion, add a shadow on the earlobe from the bow.

17. This is what should happen in the end.

I wish you creative success!

Author: photoshoptalent

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