We draw hair (lesson 2)

In this lesson you will learn the basics of drawing hair.

1. Create a new document and a new layer with key combinations, respectively CTRL + N and SHIFT + CTRL + N. Fill it with a neutral light brown color, or others, at your discretion, as long as it is not too bright.

2. Select the Brush tool and start creating a rough sketch of the hairstyle.

3. Now draw the darker strands of hair.

4. Specify the shape and color. To change the size of the brush, use the [or] keys.

5. We paint individual hairs with a thin brush. You can create a brush yourself, to immediately draw a lot of fine hairs.

6. Make a small shadow under the hair, where they should fall on the face. This will give volume and naturalness.

7. Gradually, without haste, we are working out the details of our hairstyle. Add a shadow or lighten individual strands, draw the tips of the hair. Best of all, the elaboration of fine details, the play of light and shadow on separate layers. Then, by combining transparency and sometimes blending modes, you can achieve very good results.

That’s what happened in the end.

And if you apply the color / saturation settings, you can get just such a creative hairstyle!

The author described here only the basics of drawing hair techniques. Be patient when learning this lesson, it does not always work right away, you need training.

Good luck and creative success!

Author: div.dyndns

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