We draw ice cream in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will draw an appetizing ice cream in a cup using vector shapes and brushes.

Final result:

Step 1. Preparing the canvas

Create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl + N) with such parameters:

Step 2

Create a fill layer Colour (Solid Color).

Step 3

Rename the fill layer to “background”.

The bottom background layer is no longer needed. Remove it by dragging the trash icon.

Step 4. Drawing a cup

Begin to draw a paper cup. Tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool) (U) create a white shape without stroke.

Step 5

Activate mode Free transform (Ctrl + T), right click on the canvas and select the mode Perspective (Perspective).

Step 6

Pull the right upper point to extend the top side.

Click Enter, to apply the changes.

Step 7

Tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) add an oval to the trapezoid (hold Shift).

Step 8

Add a style to the resulting shape. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay): Mode – Multiplication, Style – Linear.

Note: only text parameters are translated.

Step 9

Create a vertical strip to the left of the cup.

Step 10

Choose a tool Move (Move Tool) (V), hold the keys Shift + Alt and move the strip to the right. You will have a copy with the move. Continue to duplicate the strip until you fill the entire cup.

Step 11

Select all the strips and merge them on one layer. (Ctrl + E). Activate mode Perspective (Perspective).

Step 12

Pin down the low points.

Step 13

Create clipping mask (Ctrl + Alt + G), to leave strips only on the cup.

Step 14

Create a new group “cup”. All layers of the cup should be inside it. A good organization of layers simplifies work in Photoshop. Therefore, create all new layers of the cup inside the “cup” group. Create an oval at the top of the cup.

Step 15

Create a smaller oval inside the previous one. On the top panel, select the mode Subtract front figure (Subtract Front Shape).

Step 16

To make the ring more voluminous, add light and shadows to it. Highlight a large oval tool Contour selection (Path Selection Tool) (A). Create a copy (Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V). Slide the last contour up and on the top panel set the mode Subtract front figure (Subtract Front Shape).

Step 17

Select both contours and click Ctrl + Enter, to convert them to selection. Create a new layer with clipping mask. Go to menu Editing> Fill (Edit> Fill) and select blue.

Step 18

Create a crescent shape on the back of the ring.

Step 19

Convert the outline to a selection and fill it with a dark blue color.

Step 20

Select the whole ring and go to the menu Select> Modify> Compress (Select> Modify> Contract): 2 pixels.

Step 21

Create a new layer and fill the selection with white.

Step 22

Remove selection (Ctrl + D) and apply the filter Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

Step 23

This layer should be above the layer with the top of the cup. Create for him a clipping mask.

Step 24

Add a mask to the cup group. Select a black brush and erase the part that will be covered with ice cream.

Step 25

Create a new layer under the top ring of the cup. With a small opacity brush, draw shadows and light.


Step 26. Drawing Ice Cream

Under the “cup” group, create a new “ice cream” group. All layers of ice cream will be inside this group.

Step 27

Choose a tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) and draw a pink shape as shown in the screenshot.

Step 28

Apply the following styles:

Inner glow (Inner Glow): Mode – Lightening, Method – Soft.

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay): Mode – Overlap, Style – Linear.

Step 29

Draw another curved strip, but of a lighter tone.

Step 30

Add the same styles to it.

Step 31

Continue to draw similar shapes of arbitrary shape and add the same styles to them.

Step 32

Ice cream form is ready. Now we will add realism through the shadows and light. Above the first pink stripe layer, create a new layer with a clipping mask.

Step 33

Choose a small brush.

Step 34

In dark pink, draw a shadow. For light, use a light pink color. Draw on several layers, if necessary.

Step 35

Take a second layer:

The following is what the ice cream looks like before and after adding shadow and light:

Step 36. Shadows

Let’s create a shadow from the cup on the surface. Create a new group “shadow”.

Step 37

Create an oval selection tool Oval area (Elliptical Marquee Tool) (M).

Step 38

Fill it with dark blue. The color of the shadow depends on the color of the cup. Remove selection (Ctrl + D) and apply the filter Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur), to soften the shadow.

Step 39

Tool Move (Move Tool) (V) move the shadow a few pixels to the right.

Step 40

Create a copy of the shadow (Ctrl + J) and in mode Free transform (Ctrl + T) make it wider.

Step 41

Lower the opacity of the shadow and add more blur.

Step 42. Light

Let’s add more light to the ice cream to make it more voluminous. Select a brush with a slight opacity and on a new layer, lighten some areas:

Step 43

Add more shadows:

Step 44

Now let’s add some small details so that everything doesn’t look too perfect. Choose a 1-2 pixel brush with high opacity. On the new layer, draw black dots.

Final result:

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