We draw in Photoshop the character of the game Angry Birds

Do you like Angry Birds? So you know that on the big screens came an animated cartoon on the plot of the super popular game Angry Birds. To celebrate the release of this game into the world, let’s create a character for her fans in the style of fan art in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use photo textures to make your character look realistic. Let’s get started!

Program: Adobe Photoshop CС

The final result:

Note: The author used paid materials. In the archive you will find an alternative version of the images to perform the lesson.

1. Create a Base

Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop with the following dimensions: 600 × 600 px, resolution 300 dpi. Collect your favorite images from angry birds, and then select one image as the source. In this lesson I will create an image of a red bird – the main character of the game. Using a rigid round brush, draw a simple outline of the bird on a separate layer.

Next, gradually, draw the characteristics of the bird. Use simple shapes when creating a beak, eyes, eyebrows. You can use symmetry, to do this, first simply draw one characteristic detail, and then duplicate / reflect horizontally the painted part of the head.

Step 2

Fill the back layer with black. Using a soft round brush, brush color is white, draw a spot in the center of the image.

Layout of layers in the layers palette should be as in the screenshot below. If you name the layers according to their purpose, this will help you during the work, for example, name the corresponding layers. the background (background) or sketch (sketch).

Step 3

Now let’s add color. Create a new layer below the layer with sketched (sketch). Name this layer various shades (flat colors). Using a hard round brush, paint over the base with different color shades. To combine the drawn sketch with the base, simply change the blending mode for the layer with the sketch to Soft light (Soft Light).

In the screenshot below, you can see the difference after we have softened the hard black lines of the outline by replacing the blend mode.

2. Strengthen Realism with Photo Textures

Step 1

To make our bird look more realistic, we use fragments of feathers and wool from other original images. These details will help us recreate our little bird. First, select the source images that will help us. Since our little bird is red, then I use the original image of the Red Cardinal, as well as the image of the cat. Fragments of textures, which are highlighted with red arrows, I use in my work.

Using tool Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal Lasso Tool (L)), select the sections with the fragments of the feathers and the hairs that you would like to use. Copy / paste on our image with angry bird. Apply the tool Free transformation (Free Transform Tool (Ctrl + T)) for scaling and positioning textures in place.

Step 2

Let’s start with a piece of cat fur. Copy / paste a piece of cat fur into our working paper. Transform the cat fur coat into a clipping mask to the base layer (translator’s note: base layer is a layer various shades (flat colors)). Use the white texture of the hair on the belly of the birdies. Correct the edges of the texture with the tool. Eraser (Eraser Tool (E)).

Now use dark areas of wool to recreate the eyebrows of the bird. Correct the texture edges again with the tool Eraser (Eraser Tool (E)).

Step 3

Do the same using red feathers from the original bird image. To make the feathers round, use the tools. Free transformation (Free Transform (Ctrl + T)) and Deformation (Warp).

Keep adding feathers to our birdie; you can simply use the original feather fragments in the same areas of our birdie. Try to make the feathers repeat the curves of the bird image.

As soon as you finish working with textures, select all the layers with textures that you added, as well as the layer with coloring various shades (flat colors), then right-click on the selected layers and in the appeared window select the option Combine layers (Merge Layers). Just as before, you should again have 3 layers (a layer with a background, a layer with a painted bird and a layer with a sketch). Name the new merged layer with the drawn bird. the foundation (base).

Step 4

Now it’s time to use the technique of digital drawing, so that our image was more like 3D. Using a hard round brush with rough edges and with Toughness (Hardness) brushes 100%, paint over the beak and eyes with a solid tone.

Let’s add shadows! Using tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool (U)), draw a dark color ellipse under the birdie to create a shadow.

Next, create a new layer on top of the layer. the foundation (base) as a clipping mask. Change the blending mode for this layer to Multiplication (Multiply) and with the help of a soft round brush of black color, draw shadows along the outline of a round bird shape. Continue adding shading to the bird image to make it more rounded.

Step 5

Continue brushing on additional new layers converted to clipping masks to layer the foundation (base). Use the tool Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal Lasso Tool (L)) to select small areas around each individual bird trait. Additional selections will help you add more shadows, and staining within the selected area will not allow you to spoil the image!

Step 6

It’s time for the highlights! Create a new layer on top of the shading layer, change the blending mode to Linear clarifier (Add) (Linear Dodge (Add)) and using a brush of light tones, add light highlights on the upper parts of the bird image. Add glares to the eyebrows, which immediately make them expressive.

Step 7

Work on the texture of the feathers by adding light highlights to the bird image using the same layer. Use fine white strokes in the direction of the feathers to make them more expressive.

Also add love at the edges! Recreate the texture of the feathers along the edges of the image so that the edges do not look like sharp lines. You will succeed if you add white highlights over the texture to create a beautiful light effect.

Step 8

We have almost completed the lesson! Combine all the layers, and continue to work on the details of our picture. Add a distinctive shadow under the beak to enhance the character of our character. Next, using a hard round brush with rough edges, paint over the edges on the entire image of the bird.

Finally, create a new adjustment layer. Curves (Curves). Adjust the curves for the RGB channel and Blue (Blue) channel to add light blue tones to our picture, as well as to balance warm tones.

When you complete the creation of your angry bird, then load it into the launcher to destroy something! I hope you enjoyed this fun lesson. Using this technique, you can now create any favorite character in fan art style. Good luck!

The final result:

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