We draw the boy in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a funny boy in Photoshop.
That’s what we should do.

Step 1. First create a new document of 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels with a white background.

Step 2. Then make a quick sketch. Use the tool Brush Tool (Brush) turn on the function Shape dynamics in the brushes window.

Step 3. After that we will make a sketch in color. Disable the function Shape dynamics paint the boy in the brushes window and on the new “Colors” layer.

Step 4. Now let’s start adding some details to the boy, starting with the head. Draw a circle with the tool Ellipse tool (Ellipse), do not forget to select the function Shape layer (Layer form). Then click on the shape contour to make the object being edited. Using tool Pen tool (Feather) add ears.

Step 5. Run the command Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options (Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options) and add the following layer styles.

Step 6. Create a new layer and draw a blush using the tool Brush tool (Brush). Then blur this area. Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur).

Step 7. Now we need to turn off the visibility layer for a while, so we can draw the eyes. To do this, simply click on the eye layer icon as shown below. Draw a circle and transform it with Edit> Free Transform (Editing – Free Transform).

Step 8. Add the following layer styles.

Step 9. Draw the pupil and eyelid as in the picture below.

Step 10. Now select the three layers associated with the eye in the layers window and group them (Ctrl + G). Then drag the group onto the icon of the new layer to copy the group and thereby create a second eye. Use Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal (Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontally) and move the second eye to the desired position.

Step 11. Draw glasses, start with a circle using the tool Ellipse tool (Ellipse). Then select the function Subtract from Shape Area (-) (Subtract from the Form Area) and draw another circle inside the first one. To change the position of the circle, click on the contour and use the tool Free transform (Free transform).

Step 12. Copy this layer and place it over the second eye. Draw all other elements with the tool. Pen tool (Pen).

Step 13. Merge all the layers associated with the glasses, select them and click Ctrl + E. Add the following layer styles.

Step 14. Draw mouth tool Pen tool (Pen) and add Inner shadow (Inner shadow) to layer.

Step 15. Now draw the teeth and add an inner shadow to them. Create a copy of this layer. Then hide the unwanted parts of the teeth, select them in the layers window and click Alt +Ctrl + G. It will create Clipping mask (Clipping mask).

Step 16. Now draw a nose and add the following layer styles. Do not forget to disable Use Global Light (Using Global Light).

Step 17. Now add freckles to the face using the tool Ellipse.

Step 18. Next, start drawing hair. Use the tool Pen , To create separate hair curls and add the following layer styles to them.

Step 19. Draw small curls of hair, then copy the styles for them. To make them light, apply the following styles.

Step 20. Draw the rest of the curls under the head layer.

Step 21 Draw the inside of the ear with a tool Pen .

Step 22 Using tool Pen draw the boy’s clothes and hands.

Step 23 Now draw a neck. Add the following layer styles to the neck and to the arms.

Step 24 Add the following layer styles to a t-shirt …

Step 25. … And to shorts.

Step 26. Add shadows to your hands and shorts. Blur them a bit Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) (3-5px).

Step 27. Use the Pen tool to create a pattern on the T-shirt. Then add seams with a brush.

Step 28. Draw pockets and create a clipping mask for them. Add the following layer styles.

Step 29. Add stitches to shorts.

Step 30. Now draw a leg. Copy the layer styles of the hand and apply them to the foot. Using tool Pen draw a piece of sock and sneakers. Next, use the Brush tool to draw a string.

Step 31 Add an inner shade to the toe and lace. Then draw decorative stripes on the sneaker. Create a clipping mask for them.

Step 32 Add the following layer styles to the sole.

Step 33 Now draw a shadow on the sneaker using gray. Change Blending mode (Layer blend mode) on Multiply (Multiplication) and blur a little Gaussian blur.

Step 34. Tool Brush draw stitches and lace holes.

Step 35 Group the layers associated with the leg, copy the group and flip horizontally. Tool Move Tool (Move) move the copied layer to the desired position.

Step 36 The boy’s drawing is finished. Now we need to create a shadow behind it. To do this, you need to group all layers except the “background” layer (Ctrl + G), make a copy of the created group and merge the layers in it (Ctrl + E).
Run the command Image> Adjustments> Hue /Saturation (Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation) and set Lightness (Lightness) with a value of -100. This will make the layer black. Move the layer under the layer group with the boy and apply the transformation, holding Ctrl, distort the shadow.

Step 37. Blur the shadow twice: first time filter Gaussian blur, second – by filter Radial blur (Radial blur).

Step 38 Add a layer mask. Choose a tool Gradient tool (Gradient). Set the parameter Fill (Fill) 25%.

Step 39. Change the shadow color slightly with Hue /Saturation (Hue / Saturation).

Step 40. The shadow should be darker at the very base of the shoe at the point of contact with the floor. Draw it on a new layer. Next, blur and correct Hue / Saturation.

Here we are done! Our final result.

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