We draw the car in Photoshop

In this tutorial we will draw the bugatti veyron car.
Final image:

Step 1

Create a sketch of the car on paper and open it in Photoshop:

Step 2

Draw a contour around the car body using the tool. Pen (Pen Tool). Use the tools to edit the outline. Angle (Convert Point Tool) and Arrow (Direct Selection Tool). After the contour is closed, right click on it and select Fill contour (Fill Path). To fill, use black. Black color will serve as a contour when adding parts to the car.

Step 3

Car Bugatti Veyron consists of two types of metal. Duplicate the shape created in Step 2 (Ctrl + J). Separate the gray and blue parts from the duplicate and place them on different layers. Fill the created shapes with a gradient, as shown in the screenshot:

Step 4

Continue to create car details – select the tool for this. Eraser (Eraser Tool) 1-2 pixels in size. Draw the outline with the Pen Tool, right-click on the outline and select Outline stroke – Eraser (Stroke Path> Eraser).

Add layer styles to the shape of the wing. Stamping, Gradient overlay and Overlapping pattern (Bevel and Emboss, gradients, patterns):

For the Pattern Overlay layer style, use a Stucco pattern with low opacity and Scale.

Step 5

Create a volume effect with the tool Airbrush (Airbrushes). Draw on a new layer. Load a selection of a car part (Ctrl + Click on the layer thumbnail) and draw a volume on the new layer.

Step 6

In order to quickly load a selection, you can create a channel from it. Draw a new contour, right click on it and select the item To form a selected area (Make Selection).
Apply the command Save Selected Area (Selection – Save Selection) (Select> Save Selection). Give a name to the saved selection and save it. Now it can be loaded through the palette. Channels (channels palette).

Step 7

After applying the airbrush add the effect of noise:

Step 8

Load a selection of another shape, create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and lower the opacity to 60-80%. Apply Stroke (Editing – Stroke) (Edit> Stroke). With a soft eraser, wipe off any excess contour.

This is what a car looks like after applying an airbrush, gradients and noise:

Step 9

Add small details: draw them with a tool Pen (Pen Tool), circle with a soft brush and add layer styles Stamping and Gradient overlay:

On the spotlight, draw the backlight tool Pen (Pen Tool) and add layer styles as shown in the screenshot:

Step 10

I will use the Red Gel style. Add a stroke style to it using a black and white gradient.

Step 11

Tools Pen (Pen Tool), Airbrush, using gradients and layer styles, draw a bumper.

In order to create a second highlight effect, I use the Chrome effect style. Also add a glow effect to white translucency with a brush:

Step 12

Draw a light spot in the form of a white oval. Blur the stain filter Motion blur (Filter – Blur – Blur in motion) (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur). Blur angle 180.

Step 13

Here I created a stroke for the selected area.

Step 14

Add some more small details:

Step 15

Create a new layer and reduce the parameter. Fill (Fill) to 0%. Add a layer style overlay gradient using a white to transparent gradient and a small opacity value. Draw a light spot and add a noise effect to it (Filter – Noise – Add Noise) (Filter> Noise Add Noise).

Step 16

Select a circular area and paint the tire using an airbrush or a black fill, and apply different layer styles:

Step 17

Add more details:

To create a shadow effect on the wheel, draw a black round spot and cut the trapezium out of it into separate layers. Add a shadow with the airbrush.

Add a radial gradient to create such bands:

Step 18

Draw a pattern on the tread using a black brush with a size of 1-2 pixels and an opacity of 60-80%. Add a transparent shadow:

Step 19

Paint reflections using an airbrush. Also, draw the backlight on the spotlight.

Step 20

Add more highlights:

Add a dark area between the wheels:

Step 21

Merge all layers (Ctrl + E) and duplicate the resulting layer (Ctrl + J). Duplicate reflect vertically (Editing – Flip Vertically) (edit> Flip Vertical) and move it down a little. Reduce the opacity of the duplicate to 60%. Add a mask to the duplicate and fill it with a white and black gradient:

Step 22

Fill the background layer with a radial gradient, add a pattern through the layer styles with a slight opacity and blending mode Glow (Luminosity).

Step 23

Draw a rectangle under the car, reduce the Fill parameter to 0% and apply the gradient overlay layer style using a linear black transparent gradient.

Final image:

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