We draw the keyboard in Photoshop

Today we will create a photo-realistic wireless keyboard from Apple.

Step 1. Get started by creating a new document of any size. In this tutorial I will use a 952 x 412 pixel document.

Step 2. Unlock the “Background” layer: to do this, double click on the thumbnail of this layer. Choose a tool Paint bucket tool (Fill) and fill the layer with # 313338, then with the tool Rectangle Shape Tool (Rounded Rectangle) Draw a large rectangle in the middle of the document. Name this layer Stroke.

Step 3. Reduce the Fill option for this layer to 0% and add layer styles. Shadow:


The result should be:

Step 4. Duplicate the rectangle layer (Stroke), name it Edges and apply a layer style to it Gradient overlay:

Step 5. With the tool Move Tool (Move), slide the Edge layer down a little. Here’s what you should get:

Step 6. Duplicate the Stroke layer again, place it above all the other layers in the Layers palette and name the Base of the keyboard and apply layer styles to it: Inner shadow:

Color overlay:

Gradient overlay:



Step 7. After the base for the keyboard is drawn, you can start creating buttons. So, as actions on drawing buttons will be repeated, it will be enough to draw only one button, and then duplicate it and transform it under another button.

To draw a button, use the tool. Rectangle tool (Rectangle) and draw a small rectangle in the left corner of the keyboard. Name this layer Button. We drew the Esc button. Add layer styles to this button: Shadow:

Inner shadow:


Color overlay:

Gradient overlay:


The button should look something like this:

Step 8. The keyboard should have 6 rows with keys. Copy the drawn button, resize it using the tool Free transform (Free Transform): Edit> Free Transform (Editing – Free Transform) and place them on the keyboard.

Step 9. After all the keys are added, you can write numbers and letters on them, as on a real keyboard.

Lesson author: Aubrey Taylor
Transfer: Tatiana Lugovskikh
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