We draw the smartphone in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create the stunning new HTC One smartphone in Photoshop.


Step 1

Create a new document in Photoshop with a height of 3000 pixels, a width of 3000 pixels, a resolution of 100 pixels per inch. Call it “HTC One” or differently as you like.

Step 2

Now create the outline with the tool. Rounded Rectangle (Rounded rectangle tool) (U) with a radius (radius) of 120 pixels, a width (width) of 26 cm, a height (height) of 53 cm. Click Ctrl +Enter, To convert the contour to the selection, create a new layer (Crtl +Shift +N) and fill this selection with white (#ffffff).

Add style to this layer. Pattern overlay (Pattern overlay) and select the white granite texture (Gray Granite pattern), set the opacity to 50% and the scale (scale) to 100%, blending mode (blend mode) to Normal.

Step 4

Create another contour tool Rounded Rectangle (Rounded rectangle tool) (U) with a radius (radius) of 20 pixels, width (width) 23 cm, height (height) 41 cm. Click Ctrl +Enter, to convert the contour into a selection. Fill it with any shade of gray. Name the layer “Screen”.

Step 5

Now, to create the front panel, duplicate the very first layer “Body” (“Body”) and name the copy of the layer “Front Panel” (“Bezel”), remove all layer styles. Create a selection according to the shape of this layer (Ctrl + Click layer miniature) and remove the upper and lower rounded parts, as shown in the figure below. Now activate the outline of the “Screen” layer, go to the “Bezel” layer and delete the middle part in the form of the screen. Fill this layer with any color that is darker than the screen.

Step 6

Add a “Bezel” style to the “Bezel” layer Stamping (Bevel and Emboss) with settings like the one below.

Step 7

Now draw two circles with a height and width of 0.58 cm (hold down the Shift, to get the perfect circle). Place them on the left side of the front of the phone. These will be sensors.

Step 8

To draw a speaker, create a circle with a height and width of 0.18 cm. Copy it 200 times and place copies in 50 columns of 4 rows directly on the front panel near the sensors. Fill them with the same color as the sensors (#fourb4b4b). Merge all the circles that form the speaker into one layer to save space on the layers panel and computer memory.

Step 9

Copy the speaker layer (Ctrl +J) and place it at the bottom of the faceplate. You should get the same as in the image below.

Step 10

Create a new layer. Tool Pen (Pen tool) create a shape like in the image below. Fill it with black and set the opacity of the layer to 50%. We have created a light reflection that will give realism to our image.

Step 11

Create a Home icon with Pen ( Pen tool) and place it at the bottom of the phone. Fill it with white and set the opacity to 50%.

Step 12

Now draw the “Back” icon using Pen (Pen tool), place it on the left of the Home icon.

Step 13

Add a camera by drawing a circle and applying a layer style to it. “Gradient” (“Gradient Overlay”).

Step 14

Draw two more circles inside.

Step 15

Create a semicircle shape, fill it with black and set the opacity to 50%.

Step 16

Draw an application bar using the tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee tool). Apply the layer styles shown in the image below.

Step 17

Repeat the previous step to create the top panel. Create a selection using the tool Rectangular area (Rectangular Marquee tool), fill it with gray color and copy the layer style from the bottom panel. These two layers should be between the “Screen” (“Screen”) and “Bezel” (“Bezel”) layers.

Step 18

To draw icons, you need to create new document 3000×3000 pixels.

Step 19

Draw a phone icon using the tool Arbitrary shape (Custom shape tool).

Step 20

Fill it with any color.

Step 21

Remove excess parts, leaving only the phone. Fill it with white inside, green around the edges.

Step 22

Create a message icon, add three green rectangles.

Step 23

Draw 9 squares, place them in three rows and in three columns to make an application icon.

Step 24

To make the icon of the planet, draw a smooth circle and fill it with blue color, apply the following layer styles:

Step 25

Copy the shape of the continents from any image of the globe and place them on the icon.

Step 26

To draw a camera icon, create two rectangles and apply these layer styles:

Step 27

Add another layer style.

Step 28

Draw a ring and add these layer styles:

Step 29

Copy the camera that was drawn on the phone case itself, place it in a circle, changing its size. Do not worry about resolution, anyway, this icon will be very small.

Step 30

Collect all the icons on the panel by changing their size.

Step 31

Create a signal icon by drawing 5 rectangles at the same level, each one should be shorter than the previous one.

Step 32

With the tool Pen (Pen tool) draw the battery, fill it with green. Copy, make more and fill the copy in gray. To these two layers add a black stroke of 3 pixels.

Step 33

Place the signal and battery icon side by side on the top panel, resizing if necessary.

Step 34

To add more details, add the following layer styles to the “Body” layer:

Stroke (Stroke): 8 pixels, opacity 50%.
Inner shadow (Inner Shadow): Offset (Distance) 0, Shrink (Choke) 0, Size (Size) 43, opacity 10%.
Shadow (Drop Shadow): Size (Size) 54, Offset (Distance) 0, Shrink (Choke) 0.

Step 35

Add a gradient background, a little text, a reflection (group all the layers, copy the group, merge all the layers in this group into one, flip vertically, reduce the opacity, erase the extra with a soft eraser). That’s it, we’re done!

Final result

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