We draw

To draw a Lego cube, you first need to draw its shape using the Pen tool. . Color use bright orangee3a401

Make the top a little bit lighter – #f2aa00.

Left color #d7a601.

To make a brilliant edge we take the tool line (the size 2 px, Colour #ffd711). After you can give a bit of style “External Glow”. Value = 3, opacity = 37%.

The vertical line is also the largest 2 px, and colorecb208
External glow 3 and opacity 51%.

Next with the tool draw a small color oval ffb600. Then duplicate the layer with the oval and move this copy under the layer with the first one.

Click one once on the down arrow key on your keyboard so that the bottom oval moves 1 pixel down.

Add a gradient overlay to this lower oval with the following settings:

Next, hold down the “Alt” key and 9 times Click the down arrow. Thus, the layer with the oval is duplicated 9 times and each copy moves down by 1 pixel.

Take a feather and draw a shadow from a lonely bulge of yet. Color take: af5d05.

Add an “Outer Glow” style:

And that’s what happens with you:

In addition, a luminous edge was added to the protruding oval.

Merge all the pieces together and duplicate the oval. Then spread them across the surface of the rectangle.


It turned out just like real bright Lego cubes.

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