We tighten bolts in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we will draw a bolt.

Create a document with a transparent background and make a round selection. Pinch Shift, so that the selection is perfectly smooth.

Take radial gradient – from black to white.

Draw a gradient starting from the center. It should turn out like this:

Now you need to add a slot.

Create a new layer. Draw a long rectangle and fill it with a dark gray color.

To cut the strip evenly, Ctrl + click on the layer with the ball to select it. Then go to the top layer with a stripe, click Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection. Click “delete”.

Now the thread will not go beyond the edges.

How to give a slot the effect of concavity?

Click the button at the bottom of the layers palette and select a style: “inner shadow” with default settings other than size. Set its value to ten.

Almost done.

How often do you meet the twisted bolts, so that the slot is exactly vertical? Click Ctrl + T for transformation.

Move the mouse to an angle until the cursor turns into a curved arrow. Drag the slot slightly to the side. Now the slot has a slope.

And now merge all the layers and add the style “Shadow”.
You can also give the bolts a slightly copper tint.

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