3D abstraction

In this tutorial we will learn how to create interesting 3d spikes in Photoshop, without the help of 3d modeling software. and in the end you get this picture:

So, first create a new document. 400×400 pix And then highlight, for this click Filter – Render – Lens flare (Filter – Rendering – Blick)

Now click Ctrl + A or, through the menu, select the entire image, and press Ctrl + C, or Edit – Copy (Editing – Copy)
Create new 800×800 image, and paste your highlight. Edit – Past (Editing – Paste).
Now we need a filter Artistic – Fresco (Filter – Imitation – Fresco)
And your image should look like this:

Merge both of your layers, you should now have one 800×800 layer.
Now use the following filter. Filter – Stylize – Extrude (Filter – Styling – Extrusion) and use the settings below.

Now your image should look like this:

Repeat the filter again using the same settings.
Now the image should look like this:

Translator’s note: This filter always acts differently, if you don’t like the spikes the first time, just cancel the action and repeat the filter Ctrl + F.

Then again select the entire image and copy it.
Create a document 400×400 pix, and paste your image.
Now move the drawing until it is set in the corner, as in the screenshot below.

The author liked the colors that were created by the Blick filter. So you can choose a different color, or skip the next step.
If you still do not like the color, you can change it, for example, to blue. Create a new layer, change the blending options to Color (Chroma) and fill the layer with a pleasant dark blue color. Your image will look like this:

Translation Board: It’s not at all necessary to suffer so much, the easiest way is to change colors, moreover in real time, as shown in the lesson Planetary Collapse, that is, through the menu Image – Adjustments – Hue / Saturation (Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation).

Now drag your image on top of your first layer, but below the layer with overlay mode. Color.
Lower Opacity (Opacity), and place it at the bottom right. Get like this:

Now leave it all this way and add the text you like and any lines you see fit.

Some more thick lines and gradient.
And that’s what we get:

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