Add a colorful glow in Photoshop

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an interesting glow and add mood to an image. For this we will use blending modes (blending options), selection tools and a bit of your imagination.
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Materials for the lesson:

Let’s start. Open the image to which you want to apply the effect. The author chose this.

Step 1. It is necessary to separate the girl from the background. Do this with the help of the way that you do best. The author used the tool Pen (Pen Tool), having spent the way around the girl’s figure, you need to close the contour, to form a selected area. Feather set in 1 pix.

Step 2. Copy selection(Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) it on a new layer, name the layer “Girl“.

Step 3. Duplicate layer “Girl”. For a copy of this layer, apply a correction. Brightness / Contrast on the menu Image – Correction (Image> Adjustments> Brightness and Contrast).

Step 4. Select layer “Girl”. Go to the menu Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter> Blur> Motion Blur). We put such settings Angle (Angle) – 40 degrees, Bias (Distance) – 120. Merge layers “Girl” and its copy.

Step 5. Create a new layer under the girl layer and name it. “Smoke”. Using the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool), circle the area around the girl. Put a feather 150 pixels.

Step 6. Make sure your foreground color is white and the background color is black. Now go to the menu Filter – Rendering – Clouds (Filter> Render> Clouds). After that set the blending mode for this layer. Overlap (Overlay).

Step 7. Create a new layer under the layer. “Smoke” and name it “Gradient”. Select Tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) and click to invoke the Gradient Editor. Set foreground color # c6229e and the background color of the plan # 1dbdda. In the tool settings, put Linear. Gradient from top left to bottom right, set opacity to this layer 60%.

Step 8. Set the layer “Gradient” blending mode Overlap (Overlay) then merge layers ” Smoke” and “Gradient”. You should get it like in the screenshot below. You can experiment with different color combinations of the gradient and other blending modes for the “Gradient” layer.

Step 9. Create a new layer under the layer. “Gradient” and name it “Glow”. Using white soft Brush (Brush), brush over the edges of the girl with a brush. This will create a glow effect behind the girl.

Step 10. Make the tool active Brush (Brush tool), go to the brush settings palette (F5) and enter the following settings, as shown in the screenshots below. Save this brush by clicking Save New Brush and name her “Splash”. Then you can select it again in the brushes palette and use it later. Swipe the brush over the image as shown below. Achieve the desired effect.

Step 11. Create a new layer, name it “Stripes”. The name speaks for itself. We are going to make glowing stripes. To make them, select the tool Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal Lasso Tool) and create a triangle. Then, using a white soft brush, paint the opposite side of the base of the triangle. You can also experiment with different shapes and sizes to create the effects you want.

Step 12. Now let’s do the lighting on the girl herself. To do this, create a new layer above the layer. “Girl” and put it overlay mode on Lightening basics (Color Dodge). Load the outline of the girl that you made earlier in the outline palette or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + click on the thumbnail of the layer with the girl. Loading selection. Using the tool Pmortgage (Eyedropper Tool), select the color of the glow around the girl, which we did earlier and with the same color, using a soft brush, and draw along the internal contour of the selected area.

Step 13. Now we will create light lines. Create a new layer called “Lines” above the layer with the girl. Set color foreground (foreground color) white select tool Brush (Brush Tool) and open the brush settings window. Choose a soft brush, about 9 pixels. In the tab Form Dynamics (Shape Dynamics) set Size fluctuation (size jitter control) on pen pressure (Pen Pressure). This will give an interesting effect to brush strokes.

Step 14. Using the tool Pen (Pen tool), create several lines (see screenshot). After this, press RMB and select the option – Outline the contour (Stroke Path). The settings window will open. It is necessary to put Brush (Brush) and put a tick in the window Simulate pressure (Simulate Pressure). Click OK. After that, your lines made with a pen are circled with a brush.

Step 15. Now double click on the layer with lines to cause Layer styles (Blending Options). Apply External glow (Outer Glow). Use settings as in the screenshot below.

Step 16. Using a layer mask, if you wish, you can remove some parts of the lines that fall on the girl. And you can also add more elements to the image to make it look even more unique.

Here is the final image.

Studying this lesson, I made just such a picture.

Transfer: Fish

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