Aliens among us – 2

In this lesson we will again turn Tom Cruise into an alien, taking advantage of the already wider range of corrective layers and tools.

The basis of this lesson will be corrective layers.
Step 1. In this image, our model has too much hair. Using the tool “Stamp” (Clone Stamp Tool), clone the pixels from the forehead and transfer them to your hair until you have a completely bald head.

It does not matter how clean you get to clone, as long as your head is as smooth as a cue ball. After creating the round head shape, begin to clone the gray background around the head.

Step 2. After Tom’s new forehead has become shiny and round, it can still look like a rough confusion of skin tones and texture. Fix it with the “Healing Brush (Healing Brush Tool) size around 20 and fix the dirtiest traces of cloning. Clone again from the center of the forehead, preferably from intact parts (after each stroke of the repair brush, the skin structure is determined, and then the color auto-correction corrects it according to the nearest pixels).

Step 3. Now it is time to get rid of some nasty features on the face.
Using the “Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool), get rid of our model’s eyebrows and nose. Also remove the stubble on the chin to get a smoother face.

Step 4. Just like in step 2, go through these areas with a regenerating brush to get a good combination of skin tone and texture.

Step 5. It’s time to make Tom’s face look more like an alien. Create new adjustment layer (new adjustment layer) “Levels“. In the dialog box that opens, drag the white bottom triangle to the center of the histogram (this will darken our image).

Now that the layer adjustment layer has been added to the image, it creates a new, clean, white layer mask. Invert the mask to black (Ctrl+I)
Now your image should be the same as before adding the adjustment layer. Choose a tool “Brush (Brush), size 8 px. Start by dividing the face with the line in the center, add two vertical lines above the upper lip.
this is what the layer mask looks like when you’ve finished painting.

Add a little depth to these lines — apply the layer style to the adjustment layer. Click on the “Add layer style” icon on the layers palette and apply the style Stamping (Bevel and Emboss):
Depth (Depth): 61%, Direction (Direction): Up (Up), Size (Size): 13px, Softening (Soften): 3 (you can apply other values).

Step 6. Add red lines to show blood vessels. Add another adjustment layer “Levels“(The general rule of the author: not to destroy the colors in the image, but rather change to the desired shade). The way to do this is to remove the opposite color, which means that we need to reduce the amount of green and blue colors.
In the dialog box that opens, select the channel (channel) RGB: move the white lower triangle to the center (232), then move the gray triangle to the right (0.80). Then select the channel Green (green): move the white lower triangle to the center (231), do the same with the blue (blue) color (202). Invert the adjustment layer mask (Ctrl+I).

Choose a soft brush, size 20-30 px and lightly paint all the lines of the face, add shadows around the eyes

Step 7. Now let’s give the face a turquoise tint (the author does not indicate the settings for adjusting the colors, so we will customize everything ourselves). Create a new “Levels” adjustment layer and set up a turquoise color (remove a little red). In the dialog box that opens, select the channel RGB:

then select channel Red (Red)

Invert the adjustment layer mask (Ctrl+I) and with a soft brush (in the settings of the brush, change the values ​​of opacity and pressure depending on the treated area) paint parts of the face, as shown below

Step 8. Here the author wants to give the face a wrinkled look. Now we need to adjust the rusty orange color. Create a new “Levels” adjustment layer. In the dialog box, select the channel (channel) RGB:

select channel Green (green):

blue (blue) channel:

Invert the adjustment layer mask (Ctrl+I) and paint a face with a brush, start shaping the alien’s face, do not forget about the neck (you can set your preferences)

We continue to model the face. Draw the squiggles in dark green color (create a new “Levels” adjustment layer and adjust the dark green color) (do not forget that you can experiment with the settings)

Step 9. Remove the nasty human parts of the body – the ears, they are not to face the alien, using the tools “Stamp (Clone Stamp Tool) and “Healing Brush (Healing Brush Tool).

Step 10. Add more color. Create a new adjustment layer “Levels”.

Green (green):

blue (blue) channel:

Invert the adjustment layer mask (Ctrl+I) Add red to the cuts on the face and dark brown veins.

Step 11. Select the region of the cheekbones, nose and mouth (as we denote the skull). Create a bright whitish yellow new “Levels” adjustment layer. RGB channel:

Invert the adjustment layer mask (Ctrl+I). Paint with a large soft brush (lower the opacity and brush pressure).

Now make the shadow areas dark brown, pay attention to the dark and light areas of the face (the new “Levels” adjustment layer, RGB channel):

Invert the adjustment layer mask (Ctrl+I).
Create a new light adjustment layer (do not forget to invert) and with a 10 px brush add lines around the base of the eyes and at the edges of the lips.

to create some dark wrinkles and structures for the forehead and eyes, creating spaced lines in the face.
Create a new adjustment layer (dark green) and draw wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead; create a light correction layer and add light to wrinkles

Step 12. The new adjustment layer is pale green. Walk across your face and neck to give your face a more unearthly hue.

Spots! Otherwise, the face looks too beautiful. New adjustment layer (dark green), name the “spots”

Now let’s make the spots dark at the edges and light in the center. To do this, load the spot selection. Ctrl+cry according to the mask of the “stain” adjustment layer, then in the menu Select \ Modify \ Squeeze (Select / Modify / Contract), radius 3 px and create a new adjustment layer – light green

Step 13. Eyes. At first, the author wanted to replace Tom’s eyes with the eyes of an alligator, but then the author decided to change only the color.

The main part of the work is done

Step 14. The author did not stop at this stage and decided to create a certain plot. Merge all layers (to make it easier to work). Open another image with Tom Cruise and make a rubber mask that will lie on the table. Separate the head from the background, name the layer “head”, load the selection of this layer (Ctrl+cry on layer miniature) add layer mask and hard brush (black) paint over the eyes, mouth and nostrils. Right-click on the mask thumbnail and select “Apply layer mask”. Now apply the filter Plastics (Liquefy) – tool “Deformation“Give the appearance of a rubber mask (slightly remember the face of Tom)

Create a new adjustment layer (dark brown) and increase the mask folds (use a small brush to wrinkle)

Create a new light correction layer and lighten the areas around the wrinkles.

Now again create a new adjustment layer (dark brown) and again go over the wrinkles to smooth them

Light correction layer again to brighten areas

And another bright adjustment layer to add shine

And at the end of the dark adjustment layer to create shadows

Merge the layers related to the mask.
Create a story.
Create a tabletop

Put bubbles on the table, put the sponge, our mask and make a reflection on the table.

Final image

Author: Johnrmcconnell

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