All Photoshop Gold

Turn everything you want into gold!

Open the photo with the person or object that you are going to make gold. Remove the background or cut this object out of the background and paste it onto a new layer.

Click Ctrl + U and move the slider, which is responsible for the saturation of the color to the end to the left. The object will turn black and white.

Create a new adjustment layer by clicking on this button at the bottom of the layers palette. and select Curves (Curves)

Try your still “straight” to make such a stepped “curve” look.

Now create another adjustment layer. Hue / Saturation (Color / Saturation)

Check the box next to colourise (toning)
Set the values:
Hee = 43
saturation = 48
lightness = – 13

Go back to the original layer, which should be the lowest. Apply filter Blur> Gaussian blur (Gaussian blur)
with value 0.4

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