Autumn tuning

In this Photoshop tutorial I invite you on an exciting journey where we will create your dream machine together.

So, select a photo of the car that you would like to give an insanely luxurious look. Color style let it be autumn-gold. Still, this time of year has come. I think you will be pleased to ride such a machine through the streets of your city.

It is advisable to take a large format photo, for example 1024×768 px , resolution 72. Because after your dream is drawn, you can place it on the desktop of your computer.

Our war paint for the car start with the fact that the glass is tinted.
Select the car window with the Pen. , convert to selection. Create a new layer and fill the selection with black.

Parameter Fill (color density) of this layer change to 83% , Change the layer blending mode to Soft light (soft light)

Select the maple leaf brush.

Set color FFEE9B , Create a new layer and draw a few leaves on the surface of the car. If any leaf is left behind (I am guilty), take the eraser and delete it.

Double-click on the leaflet layer and in the Layer Style window, select the style named Outer glow (external glow). Apply it with these settings:

Create another layer. Select a grass brush.

Exactly the same color draw the grass on the bottom of the car.

Reapply style Outer glow (external glow)

Now we will deal with the disks.
Create a new layer. Set color B29d99 and paint over the discs as shown.

Change the blending mode to the disc layer with Normal on Color (color).

Again, on the new layer, we will decorate the entire surface of the car.
Color set FFBE33. Be careful not to paint over glass, headlights and other prominent parts.

Here, too, change the blending mode to the layer with Normal on Color (color).

Create a new layer, set a soft brush and paint the top of the car with two colors as shown in the picture.

All that creeps over the edges is to wipe the eraser.

Change the layer blending mode with Normal on Hue (Color tone)

And again on the new background, paint the very top of the car with this color FEFE00.

Change the layer blending mode with Normal on Hue (Color tone)

Do not pay attention to the fact that the lesson has come to an end. You can continue to paint the car of your dreams.

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