Awesome background

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a cool background in just a couple of steps.

Let’s open a new document with a black background (size 600 x 600 pixels)

Then press the key D to set the colors to black and white then X to change them.

Select the Brush tool with these settings:

Picture something like this in your document.
Here accuracy is not needed:

Go to menu Filter> blur> Radial blur with these settings:

After that, apply more Filter> stylize> Find edges

Refer again to the Radial Blur filter.
Filter> Blur> Radial Blur with the same settings

Then click CTRL + I (this action inverts the colors)

This is the result:

After that click on CTRL + U (this action will open the color / saturation window – Hue / Saturation )
Playing with the settings you can choose a cool rich color to your picture:

All is ready!

This is a very simple and useful lesson, we hope you will need it more than once!

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