Bend the corner of the page in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create a realistic page corner. You will need some simple deformation techniques. You can create curved corners for paper pages, choose an angle, bend size and gradient.

Final image

Start by creating a simple rectangle shape, it can also be a square. It is important that the form be rasterized. Name this layer ‘Page’.

Take Pollygonal lasso tool (Polygonal Lasso) and select the lower right corner of the page, as shown in the figure below.

Press Ctrl + J to create a layer from the selected area and name it ‘Angle’. To better view, fill this layer with any color.

Go back to the ‘Page’ layer and hold down the Ctrl key and click on the layer thumbnail to create a selection.

With the selection still active, return to the ‘Angle’ layer. Go to menu Edit>Transform>Warp (Edit> Transform> Warp) and distort the corner to create a page curl effect.

To make a realistic bend, drag control points, lines, or areas inside the grid to change the shape of the bounding box and grid. To help you with the warping process, Photoshop added 12 control points around the image. To start the deformation, drag the bottom right point in the specified direction.

Now move the indicated control lines as shown below.

Next, drag the specified areas to create a rounded shape.

The result of the deformation should look as shown below.

Go to the ‘Page’ layer and repeat the deformation again. Make sure the edges of the two pieces of paper make the page be realistic.

Add styles for both layers. Let’s start with the ‘Angle’ layer, add Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) and Drop shadow (Shadow) to create a 3D effect.

The converted angle should look like this:

Go to the ‘Page’ layer and add Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) to create light and shadow on a piece of paper.

Using styles (Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) Drop shadow (Shadow)) you can change the light and shadow according to your paper color, background color, twist the corner of the paper, etc .; To make them look more real, you can add a soft shadow effect. Copy and merge the two layers. Name the resulting layer ‘Shadow’ and add a layer style. Drop shadow (Shadow). Move this layer back.

Below is the result of a realistic curved corner of a page made from scratch in Photoshop.

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