Beyond the Dark

In this lesson, using various photo manipulations, we will create a dark photoelectric effect, imbued with mysticism. Lovers of horror movies – is dedicated. Nervous – please retire.

Here is what you should get from this lesson:

The first step is to open the image:

Create a new layer and fill it with color. #B9B0AD. Set the blending mode to “ColorBurn“(” Blackout basics “).

Use this texture. Put it on the image as shown below (Click Ctrl+T in order to rotate)

Set the texture overlay “ColorBurn“(” Blackout basics “), transparency 80%

Add a layer mask to the texture layer. Next, use a brush. large size with torn edges, it will be necessary to adjust, as necessary, transparency and pressure until you achieve the desired effect of blood traces.
Open the snake image:

Select the snake any way you want and drag it to your work. Put in the required position. Add a layer mask and erase the snake’s body part so that it crawls out of the girl’s neck (you can use Eraser tool – eraser (E)).

Now, click Ctrl+M and drag the curve down to make the snake image dark.

Go to Layer > Layerstyle> Dropshadow (Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options …) and set these settings:

The next step, the author added some blood on his neck.
Select a layer with a girl and create a selection tool. lassotool (“Lasso”).

Navigate Image> Adjustments > Variations (“Image – Correction – Options”) and select the desired color of blood.

Click Ctrl+J in order to create a duplicate of the selected fragment with a new layer. Call him “Blood“. Navigate Filter > Stylize> Emboss (Filter – Styling – Emboss):

Set the layer to “Blood“Blend mode Hue (“Color tone”) and transparency 100%.
In the end, you should have something like this:

Author: photoshop8x

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