Blue chrome

Now you will see how in Photoshop you can make a stylish background in the form of blue chrome for your desktop.

Create a new document size 400 x 400, select background color for white.
Press the key “D”, that the main color was the black, and the background is white.

We go to Filter> Render> Clouds, then Filter> Distort> Twirl with the following settings:

Next in Filter> Distort> Shear with the settings shown below:

Then Filter> Sketch> Chrome with these settings:

Now add colors, go to Image> Adjustments> Hue / Saturation (CTRL + U) with settings as below:

Duplicate the original layer (Layer – Duplicate Layer), and set the setting blending mode (layer blending mode) on Hard light (The blending mode window is in the upper left of the Layers panel).

Next, create a new layer. and go back to
Filter> Render> Clouds
then in Filter> Stylize> Find Edges,
and after all this change the value of blending mode to Linear burn

Merge all layers and get the following result:

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