Bright abstraction effect

In this lesson, we will learn to create an abstract effect using light and neon, which can be applied to a photo or illustration.

Materials for the lesson:


First you need to create a new file ((File>New) File> New ctrl + N) size 1280×1024 pix and a resolution of 72 dpi.

Then apply Rectangle Tool (U) – (Rectangle Tool (U)) to prepare the background.

Use the following parameters for the created layer, first you need to right-click on this layer in the layers palette. Blending Options>Gradient Overlay (Blend Options> Gradient Overlay)

Gradient ’s parameters (Gradient Parameters):

Choose the photo you need (the author used the photo of the girl, which you can find on the resource at the link in the archive Thanks to the author of the photo):

Highlight it in any way you know, for example using Quick Mask Bright abstraction effect(Quick mask) or any other and paste on the background:

Create a new adjustment layer Curves, by clicking on the icon palette or Layer – new Adjustment Layer – Curves(Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Curves):

Pinch Alt and click between the Curves effect layers and the girl layer (on the layers palette) to create a layer snap:

Then click at the bottom of the layers palette on Create new fill , to create a new adjustment layer Black White (Black and White):

Pinch Alt and click between the Black and White effect layer and the previous layer (on the layers palette) to create a layer snap:

Then create a new file (File>New) (File> New) 50x50 px and 300 dpi. Remove background use Pencil tool (Pencil tool (B)) to make a black area instead of a background size 31x34 px.

Select then Edit> Define Brush Preset (Edit> Define Brush), click OK.

Now we will create a new layer.create a new layer (shift +ctrl +N) and apply the newly created brush. This layer should be placed lower than the layer containing the girl. (Just move it with the mouse).

Choose brush. Paintbrush Color #E6E6AC. Now let’s do this interesting effect on both sides of the arms.

Then, you can apply these parameters to the layer containing the brushes:Blending Options> Outer Glow (blending options> external glow, right mouse button on the layer):

Let’s make a kind of white wing for a girl, applying in this case Pen tool (Pen tool (P)). Place this layer lower than the girl layer:

Make a copy of the last layer (ctrl + J), and select Free Transform (Free Transformation) to rotate the copy around, as shown below (second wing). This layer should also be located lower than the girl layer:

Then, we need to merge the layers of the wings into one. Click Ctrl , to select the necessary layers and further CTRL +E. In the new layer, add a layer mask.(Add a Mask).

After this action, use a standard brush. Brush Tool (B) (Brush tool (B), (Opacity of 30%) (Opacity 30%) to brush with black color the layer containing the wings.

Draw a line starting from the track drawing using Pen (Pen tool (P)), contours mode (Path).

You can find the created track in the palette (F7)Path – Tracks.

Go to Layers palette (Layers Palette), click Create a new layer, to create a new layer.
Choosing a standard gray brush Diameter 9, Hardness 100% (Diameter – 9, Hardness – 100%).

Now choose Pen Tool (andInstrument Pen (P)), click on the created track in Path palette – Track Palette, click Stroke Path – Run the outline of the contour. In the dialog box that appears among the proposed tools, select the Brush and tick the box next to Simulate Pressure (imitate pressure).

When using the same method, try to make some more such lines.

Well that’s all! I hope you succeed!


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