Build a skyscraper in 5 seconds

Do you have skyscrapers in your city?
In my, for example, no. But it can be fixed!

This Photoshop lesson will tell you how to turn a low building into a real skyscraper!

1. Select tool – rectangular selection.
Rectangular marquee tool (M).
Now you need to bring the building that you are going to make high.

2. Using this tool, try to highlight the building a little distance from the foot. Then copy the selection (Edit> Copy)

3. Then insert the selection (Edit> Paste).
If you look at the layers palette, you will see that a new layer has formed for the copied part.

4. Then, select the tool – move (Move Tool), activate the layer where the copy is now located, and move the copied part of the building to the top, thereby extending it.

5. If you want the building to become even higher, then repeat steps 2 through 4.

Here is the result! By changing one of the buildings in your city in the same way, you will be able to surprise someone very much!

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