Cold rain

The author of this lesson is often asked how he creates rain in his works. And in order not to explain to everyone individually, the author decided to create a lesson consisting of consecutive actions that easily explains the creation of this natural phenomenon.

Materials for the lesson:

To begin with, you will need a finished job, with a ready-made background and processing, I took for example my last work, and as you can see, there is no rain.

Use any rain brushes. For example, you can use the brush from the archive. Create a new layer (Layer – New Layer) and name it “Rain in the Background”. Take a rain brush like thin lines like below

After applying the brush, I reduced the opacity to 57%, it is now raining as if in the distance

Now we create the second layer, and its name will be “Rain in the foreground”. At this time, we will use rain more, stronger and opacity touch, we will not. As a result, it turns out that rain is somehow in space.

Now proceed to the details of the model.
In the figure, it rains everywhere, but it doesn’t seem to fall on the model, so we’ll draw splashes above the body. Take the usual brush , no matter what her stiffness is, the main thing is the size of 1 pixel.

After spraying, use the tool. blur , we have removed the sharpness a bit, but still the plausibility is not achieved. After all, you saw such a haze above the ground during the rain.
Take brush 91 pixels in size (of course, this will depend on the size of your work), soft, intensity 20% and start to drive it over the body.

And one thing remains unfinished: splash prints on water. I used splish splash brushes to do this.


Author: Morteque

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