Create a colorful effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to achieve an interesting effect with brushes and abstract brushes:

For work we need a brush and a source code, which can be downloaded here:

Step 1. Create a new document with a size of 880 by 1200 pixels, the background color is white. Create a new layer “Texture” and brush, downloaded by you with opacity (Opacity) 40%, giving the background the effect of dirt.

You must remember that it is better to use several types of brushes when drawing. Do not be afraid to experiment:

Once finished, duplicate this layer and using Free Transform (Ctrl+T) and Prospects (Perspective) place a new layer like this:

Lower the opacity (Opacitythat layer to 50%.

Step 2. We load the girl in Photoshop, cut it out in any way convenient for you and place it in our work. Layer with a girl called “Model”.

Add two adjustment layers. Make sure that when adding them you check the “Use previous layer as clipping mask” box.

This is how the mask looks to the adjustment layer Levels:

Curves (Curves)

This is the mask to the Curves Correction Layer. (Curves)

Create a mask for the “Model” layer and soft round brush paint over in the areas as below:

Put the overlay mode on SoftLight (Soft light)

It seemed to me that it was worth lightening hair. Therefore, I add another mask and paint with a white round brush with a hardness of 60-70% of the line on the hair

Blend Mode set to Overlap (Overlay), opacity is reduced to 80%.


This is what is happening at the moment

Step 3. Create a new line layer and use PenTool (Pen) (R), in order to draw a line:

Choose a 13px brush with 100% hardness.

Go back to the Pen tool, right-click on the line and select Stroke … (StrokePath…)

Check Simulate Pressure

The following will turn out:

Duplicate this layer with the line several times, rotate and reduce the size of the resulting

Step 4. Now turn to the creation of wide lines. To do this, create a new document and using Rectangular marquee (Rectangular selection) (M), draw a rectangle:

Fill this selection with color to your taste.

Now click Ctrl+T, Next, right-click on the rectangle and select Distort (Distortion)

And hold down the keyAlt, distort it like this:

Now we duplicate layers several times, fill them with different colors and resize them:

Using push Ctrl+E merge layers with lines.

Now click Ctrl+T, Next, right-click on the shape that we got and select Warp (Deformation)

Warp as shown below.

And put in the document

Duplication of these lines and deformation gives the effect of image depth

Step 5. This step is optional.
Create a new layer “Girl’s Shadow” below the “Model” layer, then select it (right-click on the thumbnail of the “Model” layer) and fill it with gray color

Reduce this layer and reflect horizontally.

I added a new layer “Shadow”, blending mode set to SoftLight (Soft light) and drew a shadow from the silhouette

Add some more abstract lines.

Now we can add common shadows and highlights to our image. Create a new layer above all the previous ones and using a soft round brush of black and white colors we draw it like this:

It turns out this effect:

Note The author does not specify the blending mode, so you have the opportunity to choose the tone to your taste.

Step 6 .. Add a few strokes to our image. Duplicate all layers (except background) and add filter Smart Sharpen (“Smart” sharpness).

Then apply the filter Angled Strokes (Oblique strokes) (Before this, duplicate the background layer again)

Reduce the opacity of this to 40% and you will see what the effect is in the left foot area.

In the chest area:

I also added a color balance adjustment layer.

Here is the result:

Have a good day!

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