Create a comic effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create a comic book page using a regular photo. To achieve the desired result, we will be helped by the filters of the Photoshop program. By mixing them, we will be able to get an interesting picture effect.

Many of you will find that to get a similar result, it’s enough to use one filter, for example Magic Pencil (Graphic Pen Filter) either Halftone Pattern (Halftone Pattern Filter). But I am sure that for the qualitative outcome of this will be enough.

In order to decorate the photo after processing, we will also use the Comic Font themed font, the texture of old paper and various brushes.
Before writing this lesson I read other similar manuals. You can also read these lessons.
Here is the result of this lesson.

Let’s start!

Materials for the lesson:

Open the Schoolgirl image in the new Photoshop file.
In addition to the fact that this is a really high-quality photo, this image has all the elements of a comic style: cool character, movement and a good balance between the elements of focus and background.
So take note of yourself, for this lesson, not all photos are suitable, take time to search for interesting characters!

Duplicate the layer with the girl. Apply correction to duplicate Brightness \ Contrast (Brightness / Contrast). You will need to add this adjustment twice. The settings are shown below with an example.

Make a copy of the previous layer, discolor it. To do this, go to Image – Correction – Discolor (Image – Adjustments – Desaturate). Name this layer “Black and White.”

Duplicate the bleached layer. Set the foreground and background colors to default colors (black and white). Switch to Filter – Sketch – Mascara (Filter – Sketch – Stamp).

Create a duplicate of the last layer. Switch to Filter – Sketch – Halftone Pattern (Filter – Sketch – Halftone Pattern). Settings are listed below. The blend mode of this layer should also be Darkening basics (Color Burn).

Duplicate the Black & White layer. Switch to Filter – Sketch – Magic Pencil (Filter – Sketch – Graphic Pen).

This Photoshop filter has three positions: Stroke length (Stroke Lenght), Tonal balance (Light / Dark Balance) and Stroke direction (Stroke Direction). In the image below, you can see what values ​​I applied to these parameters. Blend mode (in the closing mode) for the layer set Replacing dark (Darken).

Now make a copy of the original layer with the girl. Go to filter Magic pencil (Graphic Pen) and use the specified settings. Blend Mode (in the closing mode) set Replacing dark (Darken).

After applying all these filters, our image should look like this:

Duplicate the original layer with the girl. Switch to Filter – Sketch – Photocopy (Filter – Sketch – Photocopy). Set the blending mode for this layer (in the closing mode) Darkening basics (Color Burn).

It may seem to you that there are too many filters, but each of them introduces its own additions and corrections, for example, the last filter showed the outline of the girl, which made the image even more similar to the drawing.
You can add or correct the resulting contour on the “Photocopy” layer. To do this, activate the tool Brush (Brush tool), set the foreground color to black, the brush type is round hard, the size of the brush is 5 pixels. Draw the lines where you see fit.

Going to this step, we have already used a lot of filters from the palette. Sketch (Sketch). You ask: which one will be next? And I will answer – Halftone pattern (Halftone Pattern), but it will serve a little differently than before.
So, create a new layer on top of all other layers and fill it with white. Switch to Filter – Sketch – Halftone Pattern (Filter – Sketch – Halftone Pattern). Pattern type select “A circle“(Pattern Type: Circle). After applying the filter, set the blending mode for this layer Darkening basics (Color Burn).

Diversify our work by adding Rays brush. Download the brush set and install it. Then create a new layer (on top of the previous ones) and use the brush you like on it, the color of the rays is white. Apply to the rays filter Halftone pattern (Halftone Pattern) with the same settings. Set the layer blending mode to beams. Linear light (Linear Light), opacity (opacity) lower to 50%.

Add to the layer with the rays Layer mask (Layer Mask) by clicking on the “Add layer mask” icon at the bottom of the layers panel. Click on the layer mask thumbnail and paint on her the silhouette of a girl with a soft black brush.

Add color.
Create a new layer on top of all the previous ones. Name it “Color.” Now activate the tool Brush (Brush tool). Decide in which areas of the picture you want to add color accents, it is individual and depends only on you. If you use multiple colors, then you need to add each color on a separate layer. For my multi-colored layers, I used blending modes. Multiplication (Multiply) and Overlap (Overlay). Also experiment with opacity (opacity) of these layers.

What kind of comics without labels? In this step, we will add text to our work using the Comic Book Font font.
In my work, I wrote the word “Bang” and added a date in the bottom left of the image.
You can find other similar fonts on the Internet, or make an inscription to your own taste. You can also apply one of these themed brushes.

Create a new layer. Activate the tool Fill (Paint Bucket Tool) and fill the layer with white.
Go to parameters Layer style (Layer Style ). Set the parameter value fill (fill) for a layer at 0%.
Select from the menu Stroke (Stroke); the position of the stroke is inside; size – 10 pixels. White colour.
Then go to settings Internal glow (Inner Glow); blending mode – normal (normal) (100%); black colour; the size (size) – 15 pixels; range (range) – 1%.

Stayed final step. Open the Old Paper image and add it to your work on a new layer. Set the blending mode of the paper texture layer to Multiplication (Multiply), and lower the opacity to 60%.
In order to get a more interesting result, you can add stains, more labels or colors.
That’s all, I hope you enjoyed doing this lesson!

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