Create a mosaic effect on photos in Photoshop

In this simple tutorial for beginners to learn Photoshop, you will learn how to create a mosaic effect on photos using the Mosaic filter. The pixel effect is one of the most popular effects among Photoshop fans and is really very easy to recreate. Hope you enjoy this tutorial.

So let’s get started!

The final result:

Step 1

Open the original image in Photoshop. Name the layer with the given source image. Original (Original). You can use any source image of your choice: landscapes, portraits, etc. I used the image of London.

Step 2

Duplicate layer Original (Original). Name the duplicate layer Mosaic Effect (Mosaic Effect). Place a layer Original (Original) over layer Mosaic Effect (Mosaic Effect). Turn off layer visibility Original (Original).

Step 3

Go back to the layer Mosaic Effect (Mosaic Effect) to create a pixel effect. Let’s go Filter – Design – Mosaic (Filter> Pixelate> Mosaic). Install Cell size (cell size) at 12.

Step 4

Go back to the layer Original (Original). Turn on the visibility of this layer, and then add a layer mask to this layer.

Step 5

Make sure you’re on the layer’s layer mask (just click on the layer mask thumbnail), and then press (CTRL + I) to invert white to black.

Step 6

Choose a tool Brush (Brush Tool) and using a soft white brush paint over the parts of the image that you want to restore. Do not forget that when painting with a brush, there should be an active layer mask, and not a layer thumbnail.

Step 7

As a final touch, you can add a grid pattern to the layer Mosaic Effect (Mosaic Effect). Download the grid pattern link at the beginning of this tutorial. Next, to the layer Mosaic Effect (Mosaic Effect) apply layer style Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay). In the settings window of this layer style, set Scale (scale) by 50%. If the pattern is not aligned with the layer, then click the button. Snap to the origin (Snap to origin).

Step 8

So, we created a mosaic effect on photos in Photoshop. The pixelation effect can be edited, so you can vary the cell size from 2 to 200 px maximum. Do not forget that we used the filter Mosaic (Mosaic Filter), not a filter Pixel (Pixel Filter), which is not included in Photoshop. This pixel-effect technique is a great way to create an 8-bit image from ordinary photos.

Using this technique of creating a pixel effect, you can create pixel portraits. Examples of pixel portraits, you can see in the screenshot below.

The final result:

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