Create a zombie

This lesson will show you how, using standard Photoshop techniques, to create your own monster – a zombie (nerve please retire).


Create a zombie

So, what we need: a portrait of the “victim” (the more interesting the portrait, the more interesting the result will be), a photo of the human skull.

Create a zombie

Download the collection of brushes needed for the lesson. “Pretty Cuts`n`cracks”, “Pretty Sore”, “Veins”

Download the brush you can HERE

Well, for the cause!

First, install the loaded brushes in Photoshop, which we will need later.

Step 1. Your chosen portrait open in Photoshop.
Further recommendations in this step are not mandatory, but if you want your zombie to look convincing, you will have to suffer a little.

Create a zombie

First: Create a document of at least 1300 pixels. on the long side. Paste the photo of the victim into this document. Scale the photo so that the face is maximized.
The fact is that the brushes that you download look interesting and textured only with a large size.

Create a zombie

Now you need to change the tone of the image.
The lesson author suggests using paid plug-in “tonemapping plugin”.
(I will give my recommendations for achieving a similar result below).

So, author’s way to change the key: translate the image to 16-bit. (Image – Mode – 16-bit / channels), then run the downloaded and installed tonemapping plugin. Moving the sliders, experiment, until you get the desired result, in theory the image should become darker and become gloomy.

Create a zombie

Create a duplicate layer. After making sure that the duplicate layer is active, discolor it (CTRL +SHIFT +U). Blend mode (overlay mode) change to Overlay (overlap). The opacity level for the layer is about 70%.

Create a zombie

Now darken the area around the eyes. To do this, add a layer mask (Click on the layers palette button in the form of a black rectangle with a white circle inside) to the top layer. Make sure the mask is active, select a soft brush, set the color to black. for foreground. Brush around the eyes.

Create a zombie

OK, now merge the layers. Shift + Ctrl + E.

My variation of tonality.
Create two duplicate layers. (CTRL + J), rename (bottom to top) Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3.
Layer 2 discolor (Shift + Ctrl + U), Blending Mode (overlay mode) – Hard Light (hard light)
Layer 3Blending Mode (overlay mode) – Multiply (multiplication), opacity level 56%

Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Color Balance (Layer –New adjustment layer – Color balance): 22, -14, -85.

Merge layers, select tool Burn “Blackout”: the size of the brush is 30 pixels., The edges are soft, the range is medium tones, the exposure is 40%. Darken the face in places where the shadow falls. Pay attention to the areas around the eyes, chin, cheeks.

Create a new layer Filter – Render – Clouds (Filter – rendering – clouds). Blending Mode (overlay mode) – Overlay (overlap), opacity level 59.

Create a new layer, fill with white, Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise). Settings:Amount (Amount): 62%. Distribution (Distribution): uniform (uniform).
Blanding Mode (overlay mode) – Soft Light (soft light), opacity level 30%. Add a layer mask and a black brush with soft edges to remove the noise that extends beyond the head.

Merge all layers

Step 2.
Now insert into the document a photograph with a skull on top of the face. Rename the layer to skull

Reduce the level of opacity of the skull to 50% then transform the skull Edit – free transform (Editing – Free Transformation), its size should be combined with the size of the face.
Important point, the orbits and the jaw of the skull should coincide with the eyes and jaw of the “victim”, respectively. Perfect for this transformation method Edit – Transform – Warp (Editing – Transformation – Deformation)
If your photoshop is below CS2, use other transformation tools.

Create a zombie

To achieve the desired result, return the skull 100% opacity. Add a layer mask for the skull. After making sure that the mask is active, go over with a soft black brush, removing unnecessary details along the edges of the skull layer. The author also made his fingers visible.

Create a zombie

OK, now go back to the victim’s photo, duplicate the layer (Ctrl + J), on the layers palette, place it on top, add a layer mask.

After making sure that the mask is active, select a soft black brush. Walk on the face, exposing the eye socket, teeth and nose, or rather its absence. Changing the size of the brush, pay special attention to the area around the teeth of the skull.

Create a zombie

The main work has already been done and the zombie already looks creepy, it remains only to put a “makeup”

Step 3.

Create a new layer and name it. VEINS.
Download and install the “Pretty Cracks” brush collection. Sores ”if you have not done it before.
Choose any brush, set to dark red color on the color palette. # foura0000. Clicking on a layer with a brush, leave fingerprints on the face in different places. Do not be afraid to overdo it, it is easily fixable. Add to layer VEINS » layer mask and, using a black brush, “remove” brush prints in places that do not need them (eyes, bare cheekbones of the skull, teeth, etc.) Blending Mode for layer Multiply.
Next, right-click on the layer and select Blending Options ” (layer style settings) and tick off Bevel Emboss ” (stamping). The default settings, but if you want to – experiment.

Optionally, you can add more layers and use different brushes on them.
Separate layers are also needed for different parts of the body (arms, neck)

Create a zombie

What else can zombies do? Merge all layers and apply to layer Image – Adjustment – Gradient Map (Image – Adjustments – Gradient Map), the color of the gradient from black to white. You can also customize Image – Adjustment – Contrast /brightness (Image – Adjustments – Brightness / Contrast).

Create a zombie

Bottom line: George Romero can be proud of you!

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