Create abstract light spirals in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create abstract light spirals and circles in Photoshop. For this we use gradients and distortion filters, such as filter Twisting (Twirl) as well as filter Zigzag (ZigZag). You can create an infinite number of light effects that will help you in creating light fluxes in Photoshop.

We will create abstract spirals and circles from scratch. You can add beautiful gradients with all the colors of the rainbow, to easily create various lighting effects.

So let’s get started!

The final result:

Step 1

Open Photoshop. Create a new PSD document, set the size at your discretion. It is very important that the width and height of the working paper be the same size. Therefore, your working canvas should be square.

Step 2

Create a new layer. Name this layer The background (Background). Fill this layer with black.

Step 3

Create another new layer. Name this layer Abstract Light Spirals (Abstract Light Swirl). Right-click on this layer and in the menu that appears, select the option Transform at smart-an object (Convert to smart object).

Step 4

Double click the thumbnail of a layer with a smart object. Abstract Light Spirals (Abstract Light Swirl) to open it. Inside create a new layer, name this layer Gradient one (Gradient 1). Fill this layer with any color you like, then decrease the value. Fillings (Fill) to 0%. Also add a layer mask to this layer.

Step 5

Duplicate this layer twice (Ctrl + J), name duplicate layers Gradient 2 (Gradient 2) and Gradient 3 (Gradient 3).

Step 6

For all three layers, we will apply the layer style Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay), and also add gradients to the layer masks. Let’s start with the layer Gradient 1 (Gradient 1). First, zoom out to about 75%. Press the keys (CTRL + T) (to activate the transformation).

Step 7. Create Shading on layer masks

Click on the layer mask and then select the tool. Gradient (Gradient Tool). Apply a black and white gradient on the layer mask to correct the mask, as shown in the screenshot below. Gradient Type Linear (linear) (transition from one color shade to another in a straight line). Hold the ‘SHIFT’ key while creating a gradient, this will help create a perfect horizontal or in our case a perfect vertical gradient.

Step 8

Go to layer Gradient 2 (Gradient 2), and then repeat the previous step to correct the layer mask. In the screenshot below, you can see that we have slightly reduced the size of the gradient.

Layer mask Gradient 3 (Gradient 3) remains white, this layer will be fully visible.

Step 9. Add Gradient Styles

Now let’s add a layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) to all three layers. First add a layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) to layer Gradient 1 (Gradient 1). Set the following gradient colors: # f9e600, # 6f156c, # fd7c00 and # f1c578.

Step 10

Next, add a layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) to layer Gradient 2 (Gradient 2). Set the following gradient colors: # 757575, # 8b2580, # 94f4f8, # d99f00, # 78ee3e and # 757575.

Step 11

Next, add a layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay) to layer Gradient 3 (Gradient 3). Set the following gradient colors: # 000000 (position (location) 0%, opacity (opacity) 100%), # 000000 (position (location) 50%, opacity (opacity) 0%) and # 000000 (position (location) 100%, opacity (opacity) 100%).

Step 12

Now save your smart object, for this we go File – Save (File> Save) and then close it.

Step 13. Add Smart Filters

Next, we add three smart filters to our smart object. First go Filter – Distortion – Polar coordinates (Filter> Distort> Polar Coordinates).

Step 14

Next, go Filter – Distortion – Twisting (Filter> Distort> Twirl).

Step 15

In conclusion, we go Filter – Distortion – Zigzag (Filter> Distort> ZigZag).

Step 16

So, you can see the final result in the screenshot below. You can change the colors of the gradients to get other color effects.

Step 17

Images with spiral effects can be used as light effects, light fluxes, etc. Just change the blending mode to Lightening (Screen) or Light replacement (Lighten) and you get a beautiful effect.

Thank you for being with me. Have a good day!

The final result:

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