Create an anaglyph 3D image in Photoshop

To complete the lesson you will need the images below:

Step 1. We will use the background image as the basis of the size for this composition. Open the background image and make sure that resolution (resolution) set to 300px / inch.

With the background layer active (Background), press Ctrl + J to copy the layer and change Blend Mode (BlendMode) copies on Multiplication (Multiply).

Note translator: Parameter Blend Mode (BlendMode) The layer is located at the top of the layers palette to the left of the parameter Opacity (Opacity).

Step 2. Now open the image with our girl – the victim of fashion. To save a separate original image and avoid re-cutting in case of errors that we may make in the future, save our fashion victim with a separate document.

Using tool Pen (Pen) Create a contour around the outer edge of the girl, including the cube on which she is sitting. After circling the edges, create a few more contours between her face and the earrings, the arm and the leg, and between both legs. Once all the outlines are drawn, right-click anywhere and select Create selection (MakeSelection). Press Ctrl + J to copy the selection to a new layer.

Note translator: Make sure that the selection was formed around the girl, and not around the background. If your “treadmill” is formed along the perimeter of the document, then you have highlighted the background. In this case, you need to use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+I or menu Selection – Invert (SelectInvert), to invert the selection, thereby highlighting the girl. Only then copy it to a new layer.

Step 3. Move the carved fashion victim to our main composition. Change the name of the layer to “Fashion Victim” and place it along the left edge, as shown in the image below.

Press Ctrl + J to copy the “Fashion Victim” layer, change Blend Mode (BlendMode) copies on Multiplication (Multiply) and reduce Fill (Fill) up to 50%.

Step 4. Create a new layer under the “Fashion Victim” layer and name it “Model Shadow”. With the “Model Shadow” layer selected, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the “Fashion Victim” layer thumbnail to create a selection. Fill the selection with black. Press Ctrl + D to remove the selection. Now we need to shift the black shadow of the model by going to the menu Editing – Transformation – Distortion (Edit> Transform> Distort).
Position the top two markers as in the image below.

Apply Gaussian blur (GaussianBlur) 40px radius by going to the menu Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur).

Then apply layer mask (layermask). Set the base color to black and then select the tool. Gradient (Gradient) and spend linear (linear) gradient over the mask layer from the head on the shadow to the model.

Step 5. Select a copy of the background layer and create one above it. adjustment layerHue / Saturation.
In the window Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) tick parameter Toning (Colorize), set Color tone (Hue) on 0, and Saturation (Saturation) at 48 and Brightness (Lightness) on 10.

Step 6. Create group (group) above correction layer (adjustmentlayer)Hue / Saturation (Hue / Saturation) and name it “right border” (right border). In this group draw an oblong rectangle or a long strip with the tool Rectangle (Rectangle), starting at the top of the image, ending at the bottom. With the new shape layer active, press Ctrl + J 5 times to duplicate the layer. Place them a short distance from each other. Now, starting with the first shape, change the color of each rectangle, matching the colors to the shorts of our fashion victim.

Note translator: make sure the Rectangle tool (Rectangle) installed in your fill-layer mode (filllayer).

Create a new layer in the “Right Border” group under the other layer-shapes and name it “right gradient” (right_border_gradient). Set black as the base color, select the tool Gradient (Gradient) and spend linear gradient (lineargradient) from the right border to the shoe model.

Under the “right_border_gradient” layer, create a couple of text layers to write your message. In this case, I created two. The first one says: ““ Coming Soon! ”, The font is Blackoak Std, and the second one is“ to an over-sized city near you ”, the font is Copperplate Gothic Bold, the font size is 30pt. Turn each of them anti-clockwise by going to the menu. Editing – Transformation – Expand 90 degrees counterclockwise (Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 degrees CCW). Now let’s change the color of each text layer to a color that matches the color of the shorts of the fashion victim.

Step 7. Then open both vector sets in Illustrator. Start with splatters, copy and paste a few of them, or all of them from Illustrator in Photoshop above the “right border” group (right_border) as Smart Objects (SmartObject). I left vector objects with their standard colors, as they work well with our work, but you can freely change them if you want. Place them around the model’s head: behind, on the right and on the left. I placed my splashes on four separate layers, so I can control the position of each of them.

Once you copy and paste all the vector splashes you want, repeat the same process with the flower vector set, placing them around the model. Again, change the color of any vector object to your liking.
Create a new group above the “right border” group (right_border) and name it “vector art” (vector art). Move all vector images into it.

Step 8. So, so, I know what you’re thinking … When will we make 3D? And you know what? The moment has come! The time has come to translate your ideas into reality, so take your 3D glasses and put them next to you.
First, turn off the visibility of the “right border” group (right_border).
Now we need to save the image as two separate .jpeg / .png images. First, save the image using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S or File – Save As (File> Save As). Save it somewhere where it will be easy for you to find it later, since we will be using it soon. Call it as “fashion_left sacrifice” (fashion_victim_left).

Then select the “fashion victim” and “fashion copy victim” layers, selecting one, and then holding the Shift key down another. Press V to activate the tool. Move (Move). Hold down the Shift key and press the left arrow key twice. Now, as before, press Ctrl + Shift + S or go to the menu File – Save As (File> Save As), to save the image. At this time, name the image “victim_moody_sprava” (fashion_victim_right).

Step 9. Open both images of victim_modes_left (fashion_victim_left) and the image of victim_modes_alms_right (fashion_victim_right). In the document with the image “victim_mod_sprava” (fashion_victim_right) unlock the layer “Background” (Background) and give it the name “right” (right). Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + S and save it with the .psd extension under the name fashion_vagtim_anaglyph (fashion_victim_anaglyph).

Place the image of the victim_fashion_left (fashion_victim_left) in the document sacrifice_mod_aglyph (fashion_victim_anaglyph) .psd and give this layer the name left.

Select the layer “left” (left), lower it opacity (opacity) up to 50%, and you will notice that the image of the girl will start to go out of focus a little. Using the arrow keys, position the layer “left” (left) so that the image becomes clear again. Install opacity (opacity) layer “left” (left) again at 100%.

Step 10. Turn off the visibility of the layer on the left (left). Make the “right” (right) layer active and press the key combination Ctrl + L or go to the menu Image – Adjustment – Levels (Image> Adjustments> Levels), to adjust the levels for the layer.

Select Red (Red) channel from the drop down menu and change the value to 225 y external (output) levels to 0.

This action will remove the red from the layer, leaving a blue-green image.

Step 11. Bring visibility of the layer “to the left” (left). With the active layer “left” repeat the process described in step 10, but this time for blue (blue) and green (green) channels.

Now the layer “on the left” (left) should be displayed for you without green and blue, as you can see below.

Change the layer blend mode “left” (left) to Lighten (Screen).

Put on your 3D glasses. Press V to activate the tool. Move (Move) and use the arrow keys to move the layer to the left (left) until the fashion victim gets out of the background. My adjustment was as follows: holding down the Shift key, I pressed the right arrow on the keyboard four times and one time the down arrow.

Step 12. Depending on the position of your layer, you need to remove the area on the image that is not covered by our effect, look at the example below.

Note translator: When we shifted to the left the “left” layer (left), it revealed to us the visible part of the layer “on the right” (right), this part is now superfluous in our image. To make everything perfect, it needs to be cut, as suggested by the author.

Press C to bring up the tool. Crop (Crop) to trim an unwanted area.

Create a new group and name it “Anaglyph” (anaglyph). Place in it both layers “left” (left) and “right” (right).

Step 13. Go back to the main composition, turn off visibility for all groups and layers, except for the group “right border” (right border). Place the group “Anaglyph” (anaglyph) in this main document so that it is located below the group “right border” (right border).

The image does not completely overlap the canvas. Since these are rather small areas, we will increase it to the size of the canvas. Press Ctrl + T to bring up the tool. Transformation (Transform) and zoom in.

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