Create an illustration with the effect of crystallization in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the techniques that I used to create a crystallized girl figure out of the water with the help of the separation effect in Photoshop. I will show you a few tricks on how to quickly combine the texture with the stock image so that it looks impressive, plus a few light tricks to give your work a finished touch. Let’s start!

Final result

For the lesson, we need an image of a girl and a brush:


Ok Let’s get started!

Step 1. Create a new document with the size of 720 * 1100px, the content of the background is black and fill the background layer with dark gray radial gradient (radial gradient):

Create a new layer and draw clouds on it, then, using a large soft eraser, remove some parts of the clouds until you get a flowing pattern, as in the screenshot below:

hint: you can use the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) with 40px feathering to make the selection spherical, and draw the clouds inside the selection or use the “clouds” brush.

Step 2. Download the image of the girl, select the girl and move it to our document. Do not worry if the hair selection is not perfect – we will fix it in the next few steps.

Using tool Pen (Pen Tool) draw a work path as in the screenshot below:

Next, right-click on the selected contour and select Define the selected area (Make Selection) and apply the settings as in the screenshot below. Then delete the area inside the selection:

Translator’s Note: to delete the area inside the selection, you can use the eraser or just click Delete. After removing the inside, deselect Ctrl +D.

Erase near the top and bottom of the remote area with a soft eraser:

Translator’s Note: the author does not indicate which opacity will establish, I used 40% opacity of the brush in my work.

Highlight girl’s hair with the tool Fast selection (quick selection tool) or Magic wand (magic wand tool):

Remove highlighted hair:

This is how the general view will look at the moment:

Step 3. Let’s go back to the cloud layer that we drew in step 1 and duplicate the layer. Reduce the size of the duplicated layer and move it higher to the girl’s head area to create an additional pattern:

Duplicate the reduced cloud several times, expand and scatter them around the body of the girl, be sure that all layers with clouds are located below the layer with the girl:

Add two adjustment layers to the layer with the girl as a clipping mask:

Translator’s Note: you can create a new adjustment layer in the lower toolbar, and then through Layer- create clipping mask (Layer-Apply clipping mask.

Black-White (Black and White)


Process on the clipping mask of the adjustment layer. “Levels” (Levels):

This is the resulting effect at the moment:

Step 4. And now, we will add some water spray to the girl’s body. Create a new layer under the layer with the girl and paint the splashes with the brushes that you downloaded, apply the water texture in the center. Apply soft eraser , To remove edges:

Duplicate the water spray layer and then go Filter – Plastic (Luquify filter), set the settings as in the screenshot below:

Choose a tool Deformation (warp tool) and apply to the splashes, create the shape of the pattern as a stream / stream:

After you have applied the filter Plastics (liquify filter), duplicate this layer several times, resize and rotate to create diversity, then scatter them around the girl’s body:

Once again duplicate these water patterns several times and move these layers above the layer with the girl and apply the blending mode to some layers. Overlap (overlay):

Step 5. We can add the following two adjustment layers on top of all the previous layers to create a light harmony effect:

Levels (Levels)

On a layer mask, on a correction layer Levels (Levels):

Curves (Curves)

This is the resulting effect at the moment:

Step 6. We are almost done! For the final application of the effect, we can smooth our image, duplicate the background layer and apply it to the duplicated layer. Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise (Reduce Noise filter):

Translator’s Note: The author proposes to merge all layers. The resulting layer will be the background. And then this resulting layer is duplicated and a filter is applied to the duplicate. Reduce noise (Reduce Noise). In my work, I combined all the layers of clouds and splashes, which are located under the layer with the girl Ctrl +Shift +Alt +E and applied a filter to reduce noise and changed the blending mode to overlap (Overlay), or you can simply duplicate the splashed layers and apply a filter to reduce the noise.

Duplicate this layer again and go Filter – Appearance – Crystallization (Filter – Pixelate – Crystallized) and apply the following settings:

Change layer blending mode to Hard light (hard light), apply the mask to the layer with crystals to hide a certain part of the crystals.

Let’s add a highlight to the image. Create a new layer on top of all layers and fill it with black color, apply Filter – Rendering – Blick (Filter-Rendering – Lens Flare):

Change the blending mode of this layer with a glare on Lightening basics (color dodge), duplicate it several times and scatter them around the body:

This is the final result of this lesson.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! See you! Good luck!

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