Create laser energy rays in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create abstract laser beams using light effects, blending, and adjustment layers.

Materials for the lesson:

If during the process of creating an illustration you have problems, watch this video tutorial:

Create a document of 800 * 800 pixels with a black background. Take a brush from the Space Brush set and fill the background with stars:

Open the image of Asteroids and paste it into the working paper. If necessary, adjust the size:

Soft Eraser(Еraser) remove part of the asteroids, as shown below:

Create a new layer and continue to work with the space brush:

Now let’s do a ray. Create a new layer and soft round Brush(Brush) set a big dot of gray:

Reduce the size of the brush and draw another point brighter:

Then we activate the transformation (Ctrl + T) and deform the point, as shown below:

Adjust the size of the point:

We continue to transform it until a thin long line is obtained:

You should get this result:

Duplicate (Ctrl + J) a layer with the beam several times and place copies all over the canvas (for better results, adjust the size of each copy):

Merge all layers with rays into one and duplicate it. Apply filter to the copy Filter – Blur – Motion Blur (Filter – Blur – Motion Blur):

Reduce the opacity of the blurred layer to about 40% and get the following effect:

This is what the blurred layer looks like along with the original:

Now add a new layer and use the method from the second step to create a blue light:

Change the beam blending mode to Overlay (Overlap), duplicate it several times and get the following result:

We continue to create more light rays, as shown below. Please note that I also added a bit of red:

As a final touch, we will apply adjustment layers:

Selective Color (Selective color correction)

Curves (Curves)

Edit the Curves adjustment layer mask (Curves):

And we get the final result:

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