Create your city in the clouds

In this tutorial, I’ll tell you how to create a stunning transcendental city in Photoshop. We will work with brushes, layer-masks, filters, and blending modes.
Here is my final result:

Let’s start!
To complete the lesson you will need some additional materials:

Step 1. Create a new document with a resolution of 1200x700px with a white background. Create a new layer above the background and call it “background texture”. Load Dirty brushes in photoshop and using different brushes from this set, we pass them on a new layer. Make sure the brush color is black, and the flow (pressure) and opacity (opacity) are set at 30-40%.
Again, create a new layer and call it “clouds 1” and use the Cloud Brushsets to draw the clouds (the settings for the brush are the same):

Step 2. Upload an image Cloud Texture 1 in photoshop. Using keyboard shortcuts CTRL + C and CTRL + V, paste the texture into our document. As a result, a new layer is created, which is called “cloud texture 1”:

Add to this texture layer mask:

And we get:

Duplicate the layer twice:

Change Blending mode (Blend Mode) of the “cloud texture 1 copy 2” layer on Soft light (Soft light):

Add Layer Adjustment Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Curves (Layer – New adjustment layer – Curves), place it above all previous layers:

Applying the settings, we get this effect:

Step 3. Now load the picture with the city (City) and paste it into our document. We call the new layer “city” and place it as in the figure below:

Add layer mask and erase too much using a soft round brush and a brush from the Cloud set that we used when painting the clouds:

Here is what we get as a result:

I decided to add Hue adjustment layer Saturation (Hue and Saturation). Move on Layer – New Adjustment layer – Hue / Saturation (Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Hue / Saturation) (make sure that the option is used is active to create the clipping mask):

We get the following result:

Step 4. Duplicate the “city” layer (CTRL + J) and place it above all previous layers. Change Blending mode (Blend Mode) on Screen (Lightening):

Then I added New BlackWhite adjustment layer (Black and white) Layer – New Adjustment Layer – BlackWhtie (Layer – New adjustment layer – Black and White) with the following settings:

Change the Blending mode of the adjustment layer to Multiply (Multiplication):

Step 5. Duplicate the “city” layer three times and set the following blending modes for each copy (Soft Light, Screen, Brightening):

On the “city copy 2” layer we apply the filter Filter – Artistic – Watercolor (Filter – Imitation of artistic effects – Watercolor) with the following settings:

To the layer “city copy 4” add a layer mask. Soft round brush and with a brush from the Stroke set we erase the excess:

We see that the right side of the city has become brighter, it gives the image more depth:

Step 6. Add more clouds. To do this, duplicate the “cloud texture” layer twice and place both duplicates above all previous layers. Change blending mode both on Overlay (Overlap):

To add more dynamism, use the brushes again. Stroke. On a new layer with a brush of light gray color we draw something like sunlight. Change the blending mode to Overlay (Overlap) and we get:

Step 7. In the final step, I added flower brushes and another Color Balance adjustment layer (Color balance) with the following parameters:

Add a layer mask to the adjustment layer:

And here is the final result of our works:

Another option:

Hope you enjoyed it!
It’s all! Good luck.

Author: psdvault

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