Cylinder with a secret

In this lesson we will learn how to create magical light from a cylinder.
Find the right picture and get to work.

Create a new layer and fill it with black. Select the brush tool and draw these lines.

Using finger tool (Smudge Tool) a little blend these lines.

Add a layer mask (Add Layer Mask), click on the button at the bottom of the Layers palette. Apply the above brush, only black and erase the extra areas, focusing on the picture.

Create a new layer. Change the brush color to #A74B7A.

Draw something similar:

Blend Mode Change to Overlap (Overlay).

Create a new layer again and draw a line using the brush as shown below. Color use #F26522.

Choosing a finger tool (Smudge Tool) to convert these lines into flames.

Blend mode is changed to Chromaticity (Color)

Create a new layer and brush paint white dots of different sizes.

Blend Mode Change to Overlap (Overlay).

On the new layer, add some more white dots.

Create a new layer and draw a white brush on it like this:

Add a layer mask (Add a Mask) located at the bottom of the panel with a layer and use standard black brushes (Opacity 40%) to remove unwanted elements.
You can experiment with blending modes.

Using the Line tool , draw three white lines.

Merge all three layers with lines and apply Filter> Distortion> Curvature (Filter> Distort> Shear) and do as shown below.

Create a duplicate of this layer. With the help of transformation (Edit – Transform, Ctrl + T), flip this layer horizontally.

Now try to distort these lines a bit (Edit – Transform – Warp).

Merge the layers with the lines, and change the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay).

Here is the result!

Transfer: Olga Kasatkina

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