Dissolving in smoke

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this lesson, I will show you how to create a similar composition using Layer Mask, Correction and various tools.

And here is an alternative option:

This is what we need:

So we are ready. Let’s proceed!

Step 1. Create a new document with a size of 1000px * 1500px. Select the girl from the image we downloaded and paste it into our document.

Using tool Eraser(Eraser) soften the edges, as shown in the screenshot.

Apply the following tools from the menu Image> Correction (Image> Adjustment), the settings are shown on the screenshots below:

Curves (Curves):

Black and White (BlackWhite):

Here is what we get:

Step 2. Now we will achieve the effect of particles separated from the girl’s dress. To do this, use the tool Lasso (Lasso Tool) and select a few pieces.

Now take the tool Move (Move). Inside the selected area, our cursor will change somewhat – scissors will appear near it (must be seen on the screenshot):

Let’s slightly move the future particles up and to the right.

Without removing the selection, we can also distort particles with Free Transformation (Free Transform) by pressing Ctrl + T for this. The author here used Distortion.

Apply the same actions to other parts of the girl’s body. Especially cool, I think this effect looks on the left leg of the girl.

Agree, simple, but interesting effect!?

Step 3. Load the stone texture in Photoshop. Place it in our document between the girl and the black background. Next, go to Filter> Sharpness> Smart Sharpness (Filter> Sharpen> Smart Sharpen) and set the following settings:

Here’s what happens:

Lower the opacity of the texture layer to 10%. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). Now click on the center with a large soft white brush.

Via Free Transformation (Free Transform) narrow the circle to an oval as shown below.

Now rotate diagonally the image:

Duplicate this oval several times using the buttons. Crtl+Jand place them around the image. Reduce the Opacity of each layer as you see fit.

The author also added a ray of light in his right hand. You can also create it from a brush on a new layer, or you can copy one of those rays that we already have, move and increase the Opacity.

Now go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Levels) and apply these settings:

And fill the mask for the adjustment layer as follows:

Still applicable Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Curves (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Curves) with these settings:

Here is what we have now:

Step 4. Now add some grass below. Grass can be taken from the original image with a girl, cutting it with a tool Lasso (Lasso Tool). Place the grass above all layers. Soften the edges Eraser (Eraser), if needed.

Now on the menu Image> Correction (Image> Adjustment) apply the Levels and Curves tools with the following settings:


Create a layer at the very top. Now we will work with brushes with smoke. By changing the size and shape of brushes, place their prints so that the image becomes more spectacular.

You can still work with brushes. For example, using the tool Finger (Smudge Tool) you can smudge the edges of the smoke, but you can Eraser (Eraser) remove unnecessary parts of it.

Step 5. Now let’s make our brush to create some dust around the girl. To do this, select a brush size of 1px and 100% stiffness, apply the following settings in the window Brushes (F8).
Form Dynamics (Shape Dynamics)

Scattering (Scattering)

Other Dynamics (Transfer)

Also tick the box Noise (Noise), Airbrush (Airbrush) and Smoothing (Smoothing).

Here is how the author used this brush, starting with the grass, and ending with the girl:

Here is what it looks like from afar, so to say:

Apply this brush more to your hands and to certain areas of smoke.
And now add the final effects: Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Curves (Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Curves):

AND Color Balance (Color Balance):

The author does not speak, but it seems to me that we need to work with the mask of these adjustment layers.

The second option:

Author: psdvault

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