Draw glowing lines in Photoshop.

In this lesson we will learn to create bright glowing lines around the object. It can be both a subject and a human figure. You will also learn how to customize the brush for different types of processing. So, let’s begin.

Step 1. First you need to decide on the very object around which we will draw our lines. I chose such a metal can from under the drink. I think it will look quite original. You can use any other, it does not matter much.

Step 2. Now take Pen tool (Pen Tool) ,circle your object and create a selection. After that, copy the object to a new document with a black background of any size you like. Further Ctrl + click on the jar layer, then Selection-Feather (Select-Feather) and set the value to 1px. Next, invert the selection, and click Del.

Step 3. Duplicate the layer with the object, make it overlay Multiplication(Multiply), and reduce the degree of transparency to your liking.

Step 4. Create a new layer. On it with the help of Tool Elliptical Selection Area (Elliptical Marquee Tool) create an oval selection, and fill it with a gradient. I took black and green. Instead of green, you can choose any other color you like. Next, transform the gradient so that it seems to lie horizontally (see the figure below). This will add a little perspective to your picture.

Step 5. Now open some texture, like the one in the image below. Unfortunately, the author did not provide a link to the original image that he used. So take any other suitable stained texture and paste it into your document. Then discolor it in any way you like.

Step 6. Change the texture layer to blend mode to Multiplication (Multiply). Now the white spots will be a little lighter.

Step 7. Also add a layer style External glow (Outer Glow), settings you see in the picture below. Style mixing mode Basis lightening (Color dodge). And for your texture in the style settings of the layer, set the values ​​to your liking. Notice how much more intense and brighter the light comes from under the jar.

Step 8. And now we will prepare a brush for drawing smooth glowing lines. We need to work with the parameters in the brush settings so that the lines drawn by it end in a thin pointed strip. So, adjust the shape of the brush in the installation tab tools. It is located in the upper right corner of the top program panel. Open the window Brushes (Brushes), we choose there Shape Dynamics (Shape Dynamics). Play with the settings Minimum Diameter (Minimum Diameter), until you achieve the result, as shown in the picture below.

Step 9. Take Pen tool (Pen Tool) and draw them a smooth, curved line. Then, while you still have this tool active, right-click and select in the pop-up window Run a stroke (Stroke Path). Then in the newly appeared window from the general list choose Brush (Brush) and put a tick next to the window Simulate Push (Simulate Pressure).

Step 10. Now add a layer to the style line. External glow (Outer Glow).Style mixing mode Basis lightening (Color dodge). Set the settings as shown below.

Step 11. Now in the same way draw as many luminous lines as you like. Try to hold them in different directions, bend, turn, in general, do everything so that the result is approximately similar to the picture below. Yes, and do not forget that the layer with the lines should be under the layer with your main object.

Step 12. The effect of lightening the base looks much better if the object in the foreground overlaps with a colored gradient. So now go back to the layer with the gradient that we created at the very beginning of the lesson, and with the help of the transformation, increase it to your liking. Now around our jar of light effects will be more.

Step 13. You probably managed to notice that after increasing the gradient, the edges of the texture became visible. We do not need this at all. Get rid of them with Tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) large diameter and small stiffness. But here I can say that everything depends on you. If you use a different texture, then you can simply stretch it to the size of the document at the very beginning, thereby saving yourself from having to wipe it now.

Step 14. Now add a little atmospheric to our facility. With soft Brushes (Brush Tool) we’ll add some color green spots. We do it all on a new layer. Change layer blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light). Pay attention to how realistic the jar looks now!

Step 15. Select an object on a layer with a jar, invert and delete the unwanted area.

Step 16. Our glowing lines look good, aren’t they? But even better, they will look if they are interconnected between themselves and the object itself. So now move the layer with the light lines above the layer with the object.

Step 17. Most of the lines on the jar, we wipe. Here you work to your taste. Try to make sure that some lines appear to go straight from the object. The result you see below.

Step 18. Another thing that will add some style to our picture is a scattering of luminous points of different diameters. In order to perform this action, we need to re-adjust the brush. Only now the settings will be completely different. Play them to get something like the brush shown in the picture below. If you can not customize, apply a regular round soft brush, change only the diameter and stiffness. Or you can use a finished brush with a scattering of stars, for example. There are plenty of them on the net.

Step 19. Apply the brush on a new layer around the luminous lines and around the object itself. Periodically change its size and rigidity. Then add this layer the same style, with the same settings as the layer with lines.

Step 20. Now erase some dots. We must achieve a light, subtle effect. Some of them can be made translucent.

Step 21 At the end, using a conventional brush with a high level of rigidity, on several layers, add a couple of highlights, such as are when shooting with a camera. Adjust the transparency level of these layers to your liking. This will give a little more realism to our work.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Good luck to you!

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