Draw smoke.

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll draw a smoke effect.

The first step is to open a new document, the size does not matter much, but the main background should be black. Make a new layer and using “Polygonal lasso tool” make a shape similar to the figure, no matter what color your shape will be, if only it is not too dark. Try to fill your shape with different colors.

Now you need to lighten the edges of the shape and darken it inside.

For clarification, take the tool , Depending on the size of the image, select the size for the brush (50 pixels here), the parameter Range/ Put the range on highlights/ light, draw this tool in the corners and on the edges of your figure.

Next we will use the Dimmer tool.  
In the settings, set the Range to middle/ Mid tone and walk inside the shape.

You will have something like this:

Now it’s time to create real smoke.
“filter” / “Distort” / “Wave” with parameters:

-GENERATE Generators “5”
-LENGTH Wavelength “10” / “120”
-AMPLITUDE Amplitude “5” / “35”
-LEVEL Scale 100%.

Only after applying the filter “WAVE” you choose the menu Edit – Fade-Wave (Editing – Loosen Wave) use the tool on 50%.

Apply filter Wave again, just click Ctrl + F, then again We weaken the filter action on 50%, continue until your figure turns into a light smoke.

To enhance the effect, distort the shape even more, change its size and shape.
Duplicate the shape, change its color and mix them together using blending modes, adjust the transparency.
In addition, you can create a new layer, take a brush of any color, change the blending mode to Overlay/ Overlap and walk over the image.

Experiment and you will get a great result!

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