Extra effect

Create a beautiful extraordinary effect in a couple of easy steps! Let’s try?

Open a new document, approximately the size 900 x 900 px. Then go to the menu View (view) and select Real size (actual pixel).

Take the tool , set the colors for the gradient, for example, from #081d48 before #075f9d.

Then stretch the gradient so that the light part is on top.

Create a new layer.

Take a round soft brush

In the settings, find the button , to get into the Brushes palette.

Change Form dynamics (Shape Dynamics)

AND Scattering (Scattering)

So, set the white color for the brush and on the new layer draw such luminous balls:

Duplicate this layer (Ctrl + J). Press Ctrl + T – a free transformation frame will appear. Go to the settings and before the Width parameter set the sign “-” The second layer will be reflected horizontally.

Move the second layer slightly to the right. Make sure that they are arranged symmetrically to each other.

Merge two layers with white feathers (for this you can press Ctrl + E)

Now duplicate the layer of fluff again. Go to the bottom.
Add Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur (Filter> blur – Gaussian blur). Radius = 3.9.

Drain two layers of fluff yet. And the last time duplicate.
Click on the bottom layer.

Take the tool Set the settings as shown below: soft brush, size – 40 and strength 25.

Smear the left and right tops, draw tails fluff.

Create a new layer.
Now you will need to load this brush.

Install it in the program and add it to the center of your work. You can duplicate this layer and also reflect it, but this is up to you.

Apply a blur effect to the bottom layer with an abstract brush.

Merge layers with an abstract brush. Using a soft eraser, wipe off the steep edges of the brush.

Now go to the palette Layers (layers) and add a new adjustment layer “Color balance”.

Make the same settings for shadows, midtones and highlights.



Light (Highlight)

After you finish managing the color balance settings, merge all the layers (Shift + Ctrl + E).

Duplicate the layer and change the blending mode to Hard light (Hard Light) or Darkening basics (Color Burn). And better try everything! The effect will be even cooler!

As a result, you get about the same image!

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