Face in the cracks

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this lesson you will learn how to apply texture to the skin.

First of all, let’s start by finding a photo to which we will add a texture. For example, you can use this or search for an image of interest to you in Google Images. Also, you will need to find a suitable stone texture (you can also find it in Google Images or use mine).

Ok, now let’s open both photos in Photoshop. You can use them in their original size or, if you like, reduce them slightly. Then we transfer the image with the texture onto the canvas with our face (this can be done by simply dragging the texture image using Move Tool– tool “Move”):

We reflect our texture vertically, we perform EditTransformFliptoVertical (Editing – Transforming – Flip Vertically) and set opacity for this layer 50%:

Then, change the blending method for this layer. The author used the overlay method. Multiply (Multiplication) with an opacity of 80%. After that we apply EditTransformWarp (Editing – Transforming – Deforming) to transform the texture, as shown in the picture:

This texture will cover the face and we will need another one in order to close the neck. Copy the texture onto your canvas again and change the layer blending method also to Multiply (Multiplication) opacity 80%.

After that, slightly reduce the size of the image in this layer and execute EditTransformWarp (Editing – Transforming – Deformation), as was done on the previous layer:

Now let’s merge the two layers of texture into one and remove all the extra texture details that go beyond the skin of the portrait. To do this, turn off the visibility of the upper layer (click on the image of the eye, indicating the visibility of the layer) and activate the lower layer with the texture. Choose a tool EraserTool (Eraser) with a round soft brush about 20 px and process the edges to get an image like this:

Go back to the hidden layer and make it visible again. Now process its edges in the same way.

Merge these two layers into one and change the blending method to Multiply (Multiplication) as we did before. Now, we can add some sharpness to this layer. Use the tool SharpenTool(Sharpen) with a soft round brush about 400 px and add some sharpness:

Remove the eye area from the texture. For this we use the tool EraserTool(Eraser) with a soft round brush about ten px:

Let’s give our texture an effect of some bulk. For this effect we use the tools:

DodgeTool(Clarifier) ​​Range: Highlights (Bright Tone, Lights), Exposure (Exposure, Shutter): 35%
and BurnTool (Dimmer) Range: Shadows (Shadows), Exposure (Exposurei): 40%

Make some parts of the face lighter and apply shadows to darker areas. Try to make the image more realistic.

Now add some sharpening clothes to this person. We use the tool SharpenTool(Sharpness) Size: 90 px, Mode: Normal, Intensity: 50%. And try to get an image like this:

Looks good already! But we have not finished yet! Now is the time to add some skin color. Will execute SelectLoadSelection (Selection – Load Selection) to create a selection like in the image below, after create a new layer (on top of all) and fill the selection color # 331e01:

Remove selection (Ctrl+D) and change the layer blending method to Color (Chromaticity):

After creating a new skin color for a person, let’s add some cool shade to his face. To give this effect choose Elliptical marqueeTool(Oval area) (Feather: 100 px) and create a selection like in the picture:

Then apply (without removing the selection) ImageAdjustmentsHue/Saturation (Image – Correction – Hue / Saturation) with these settings:

Remove selection (Ctrl+D). This is what we should have:

Looks nice! Concluding the lesson using the tool EraserTool(Eraser) with a soft round brush about 100 px You can slightly trim the lower part of the face and neck, but quite a bit!

That’s all! Read the lesson, try it out and enjoy your own results! Thanks for visiting https://photobecket.com!

Author: photoshopstar

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