Face with a scar

In this lesson you will learn the process of creating a realistic scar, as in the figure below.

Let’s get started!
This is the final result:

As a model for the lesson, I chose a photo of Enrique Iglesias.

Step 1. First you need to increase the photo several times with the tool Mast scale(Zoom Tool). Create a new layer and name it “scar”.
Take the tool Pen(Pen Tool) and draw a slightly curved rectangle.

Step 2. Now activate the tool Eraser(Eraser Tool) and erase so that the strip tapers to the edges:

Step 3. Choose a color # 8C0202 and activate the tool Brush (Brush Tool) Mode (Mode): Chromaticity (Color) Opacity (Opacity): 100%.
Holding the key CTRL, Click on the thumbnail of the “scar” layer on the layers panel to select it. Brush swipe the future scar.

Step 4. Apply Layer – Layer Style – Outer Glow (Layer – Layer Style – Outer Glow) with such parameters:

We get:

Step 5. Select the tool again. Brush (Brush Tool).
Mode (Mode): Darkening basics (Color burn) Opacity (Opacity): ten% and
draw stitches on the scar.

I want to offer you a simple way to draw these seams. With a brush with the same settings, draw a zigzag on the scar:

Tool Eraser (Eraser Tool) erase too much.


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