Fade effect

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll draw a fading effect.

Open the photo to which we want to apply this effect.
For example, I chose this photo here:

Now a little repaint our photo. Press the key combination CTRL + U, to open the window Hue / Saturation (Color / saturation) here we apply the following settings:

Copy the layer with the photo, and expose blending mode (layer blending mode) on Color dodge (Lightening basics)

And reduce the transparency of the layer to about 56%.

We go to Image> Adjustments> Levels (Image – Correction – Levels) with the following settings:

Duplicate the photo layer again. We go to Filter> Distort> Shear (Filter – Distortion – Curvature) and apply the following settings:

Here’s what we got:

In the end, copy the top layer, and get the final result.

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