Fantastic collage

In this tutorial, I will show you the process by which I created this really cool fantasy-landscape with a floating mountain in Photoshop. This is a lesson of medium difficulty, and some steps may seem complicated.

Here is a preview of the final effect (click to enlarge):

So let’s get started!
To complete this lesson, you will need the following sources:

Step 1. Create a new document with the size of 1000x1500px, set the background color to white (white). Upload the image of the hill in Photoshop. Use the tool Rectangular Marquee (Rectangular selection area) to select an area of ​​the image — during the creation of the selection, make sure that the area that you selected contains both sky and grass, as shown below:

Copy (copy) and insert (paste) selection in our document, name this layer “Grass land” (Meadow) and change its size, adjusting the width of our document, and the height roughly half.

As you can see, we left a large area on top for the sky. Personally, I think this will help us later when adding objects to the sky and will make the image deeper.
Add the following two adjustment layers above the grass layer.
Curves (Curves)

Layer mask (Mask)

Black and white (Black and White). Install blending mode (blending mode) on “Hard Light” (Hard Light).

And at this stage you will have the following effect:

Step 2. Download the original “River” image in Photoshop. Using the tool Lasso (Lasso) with shading (feather) at 20px, cut the river section from the image, and then paste it into our document and position it as shown below:

Hint: use the tool Free Transformation (Free Transform) for the necessary resizing of the image and its deformation. Use the tool Eraser (Eraser)with a soft brush to erase the edges by mixing them on the image along with the grass.

Name this layer “River”, add the next adjustment layer. Curves (Curves) (make sure the option is checked “Use previous layer as clipping mask” (use previous layer as clipping mask).

At the moment this effect should turn out:

As you can see, by adding a simple adjustment layer, we mixed the river and the grass texture together, and as a result, later it will be easier for us to add the necessary details to the image.

Step 3. Load the image “Sky 1” in Photoshop, select the top part and copy it into our document, name this new layer “Sky1” (Sky 1).

Use the tool Deformation (Warp) (Ctrl + T), then right-click to select Deformation (Warp), to position the lower right edge so that it docks with the grass texture.

Add the following layer mask (layer mask) to the “Sky 1” layer (Sky 1).

And you get the following effect:

As you can see, I made a hole in the sky so that the mountain texture could be positioned behind it.
Load the sky 2 texture in photoshop, copy (copy) and insert (paste) This image is in our document. Place this layer above the previous “Sky 1” layer (Sky 1). Change its size and position as shown below:

Rename this layer to “Sky2” (Sky 2) and right-click on this layer in the layers palette, select “Create clipping / vector mask (create clipping mask), also erase the bottom edge of this “Sky2” layer (Sky 2) to blend it with the “Sky 1” layer (Sky 1).

Add the following 3 adjustment layers above the “Sky2” layer (Sky 2) (make sure that the “Use previous layer as clipping mask” (use previous layer as clipping mask):
Curves (Curves):

Black and white (Black and White) (blending mode (blend mode) set to “Hard Light” (Hard Light), opacity (opacity) by 40%)

Color balance (Color Balance)

And you get the following effect

Step 4. Load the “Mountain” texture in Photoshop, select the bottom of the image, copy (copy) and insert (paste) in our paper. Name the layer “Mountain” and place it under the layer “Sky 1”.

As you can see, due to the fact that we have added a mask to the “Sky 1” layer, this “Mountain” layer is still visible. You, of course, can manifest any part of the mountain; to do this, simply move the layer to the left or right, it is absolutely at your discretion.

Add the following two adjustment layers to the Mountain layer.
Curves (Curves)

Color balance (Color balance)

And you will have the following effect:

Step 5. It seemed to me that the lower part of the image looked a bit gloomy and boring, so I decided to add a thin layer of flowing haze / air.
In order to do this, we simply use the image of Sky 1, select the part of the image as shown below:

Copy (Copy) and insert (paste) selection in our document, name the new layer “Fog” and place it above the previous layers, discolor (desaturate) (Ctrl + Shift + U) it and apply the following to it motion blur (motion blur):

Place this layer in the grass and river area on the image:

Erase the top edge with a soft brush, change blending mode (blending mode) on “Bright light” (Vivid Light). Duplicate this layer once and change blending mode duplicate layer on “Clarification” (Screen), opacity (opacity) by 30%, and you get the following effect:

Step 6. Upload the image with the girl in Photoshop, separate it from the background by any method you prefer (here I used the tool Quick selection (Quick selection) with a 3px brush), paste it into our document.
Name the layer “Girl” and place it above all previous layers, resize it and position as shown below:

Create a new layer under the layer with the girl, use a very small soft brush (brush) (3px), draw a little shadow under the girl and just a little bit to the left.

Add the following two adjustment layers above the girl layer:
Color balance (Color Balance)

Curves (Curves)

Having done this, we adjusted the brightness of the girl so that it fits the surrounding atmosphere:

We can also create a new layer above all layers, take abstract or fractal brushes from or and paint them around the mountain to give a foggy effect: (apply opacity (opacity) layer 30%)

And at the moment you will have such a complete effect:

Step 7. So, we are almost there! I would like to show you another trick. You may have noticed on the preview an abstract line, breaking out from the top of the mountain. Now I want to show you how I got this effect.
We merge (flatten) images, duplicate the layer once, find filter (filter)twist (twirl) on the menu Filter (Filter) and apply the following settings:

Press Ctrl + F2 or 3 several times, you will have the following effect:
Take advantage of the big soft brush (brush), to erase the bottom of the duplicated twisted layer, and leave a little at the top, as shown below: (lower opacity (opacity) layer up to 70%)

That’s all!

I later added color balance (color balance) and increased sharpness (sharpen) images, and here is my final effect:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful! Thanks, have a nice day!

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