Fast freezing

In this Photoshop tutorial we will freeze strawberries.
Look what should be in the end.

How to give any object a fresh frozen look?

Create a new document, you can immediately fill it with black color so that it contrasts well with your object.

Cut out the image of the berry and place it on the created background.

In the layers panel, make a copy of the berry layer and place this copy above the original layer. Next, work with a copy.

Now discolor the image – go to menu image -> adjustments -> desaturate (bleaching).

Double click on the layer – a window will appear Layer style (Layer styles), where you should set 2 styles: internal glow and external glow with the following settings:

The next step will give a variety of black and white shades.

Open the Leveling toolbar:
image -> adjustments -> levels and drag the two right sliders a little closer to each other (as shown in the figure)

Now rotate the gray berry 90 degrees to the right (Edit – Transform – 90 CW) and add the wind effect three times:
filter -> stylize -> wind (settings as shown)

Do not forget to turn the gray strawberries to their original place.

In the layers panel of the uppermost layer (ice), set the blending mode to screen, as shown below.

And that’s what should end up.

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