Fiery sparks!

The author of the video lesson: Elena Vinogradova

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to draw insane fiery lines in 10 easy steps. Such a crazy effect will give your photo more expression and dynamics.

1 step

For this lesson you should choose the most spectacular photo that is in your archive. If this did not happen, it is better to take a camera and create your own image!

Open the photo in Photoshop and turn it into black and white.
If you do not know how to do this, then see this lesson.

2 step

After the photo is ready, turn on the panel Contours (paths) and click on the button Create a new contour (create new path) in the picture is marked with the letter (A).
Click the English letter “P” on the keyboard to select the Pen tool .

Now stop and think about how best to arrange the fiery lines. Invented? Then go ahead! Keep the direction while in your head.

3 step

A. Click on the document to place the first point of the contour.
B. Add a second point, give the contour a smooth bend.
B. Continue to work, following your brilliant idea.
Remember that at any time you can change the shape of the contour.

You can hold ctrl and switch to tool White arrow (direct selection tool) to quickly adjust the contour.

If the Perot tool is still incomprehensible to you, then I advise you to look at this lesson.

4 step

Finally, the contour is ready! By the way, in those areas that later hide behind arms and legs, do not stop for a long time, because they will still not be visible.

5 step

A. Now take the soft round tool Brush, the size at your discretion (brush = 5 px was used in the lesson) is orange.

B. Create a new layer and name it “Fire”!

B. Return to the Outlines palette and select the button below, which is called Perform a stroke (stroke path, marked with the letter C).

6 step

A red line will instantly appear along the contour! To prevent the contour from interfering with you, press Ctrl + H to hide it.

In the picture you must have noticed that additional orange lines have appeared. This effect gives the illusion of fire movement, really! But for them we did not create contours!
How to do this? Very simple – take a stamp , choose a spatter brush clone a line segment and place it next to it.

7 step

Using the eraser let’s erase the extra sections of the line, which should not be visible behind the legs and arms.

8 step

Right-click on the layer with Fire, select the blending options, where you can add different layer styles.

Try to apply the same styles and settings that you see below, but be aware that the parameters can be adjusted to your taste and color.

So, we add:
Inner Shadow, Outer Glow and Inner Glow

9 step

Duplicate the “Fire” layer and change the layer’s blend mode to Overlap (Overlay)
On the duplicate layer, turn off the eyes of the Inner Shadows (inner shadow) and Inner Glow (inner glow) to deactivate them.

10 step

And now double click on the remaining style Outer Glow to change its parameters.


A little more, maybe a lot, you need to spend time on your work to get something like that …

Another small note … duplicate the Fire layer again and apply to it filter – distortion – wave (filter> distort> wave) … Play with the level of opacity and blending modes, especially overlapping.

Good luck!

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