Fire flower

In this lesson you will learn how to create an interesting fiery effect using Photoshop and use it to decorate your works.

This is what we will strive for.

Materials for the lesson:

the fire


Step 1. Create a new document (Ctrl+N) with dimensions of 600 x 450px. Create a new layer, name it. “Background” and fill it with any color. Use the following parameters for the created layer. To do this, double click on the layer in the Layers Palette to open the window Blending options (Overlay options) and apply Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay).

After applying the gradient, you should have something like this.

Step 2. Download the image Flower. Rename the layer as “Flower” and place it above the layer “Background”.

Call up the layer styles (double click on the layer) and apply the following settings:
Color overlay (Color Overlay)

Now you should have this

Step 3. Apply External glow (Outer glow) and Internal glow (Inner glow) using the following settings:

Your result will be similar to this one.

Step 4. Duplicate layer “Flower”, place it below. Go to the menu Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur). Set a radius of 2 pixels. For layer “Copy of a flower” set the opacity to 50%.

And now begins the interesting, creative part of the lesson. On the “Flower copy»Take the tool Finger (Smudge Tool) and pull the edges of the leaves as shown.

Step 5. In order to create a fiery effect for the background, take any image of fire that you consider appropriate for your flower image. The author used the image Fire. Rename the layer as “Fire”. Using the tool Finger (Smudge Tool) stretch the edges of the flame, repeat this process until you see the following result.

Move layer “The fire” below layer “Flower copy.” Change the blending mode for this layer. Lighten (Replace with light) and set the opacity to 20%.

Your result should be something like this.

Step 6. We have come to create a fiery effect for a flower. Take any image of the fire and cut out the flames from it and save this layer called “Flames”. Place it below the layer “Copy of a flower”. Move the flame to a suitable area of ​​the flower, where it will most resemble its shape. Use the tool Finger (Smudge Tool) to smudge flames. See the images below to better understand this process.

Step 7. Repeat Step 6 where you want to give the flower a fiery effect.

Well that’s all. Using simple and uncomplicated actions, you will make a flower with a glowing effect!
And here is another option:

I hope you enjoy the lesson and come in handy in practice.


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